Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

At Stripe OLT, we understand that, in order to change, you need to know where to begin. Sometimes that is with the basics, and sometimes it’s with a complete digital transformation.

We believe digital transformation is about more than just updating your technology; it’s about enhancing your current processes, employing new ways of working, adapting to an ever-changing business environment and, crucially, about empowering your workforce.

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Key benefits

Digital Transformation

Gain Flexibility

Part of any digital business transformation undoubtedly includes a partial or full transition to cloud technology. Working within the cloud allows your employees to sustain their connection no matter the location, easily facilitating a flexible, connected workforce with multiple offices and on various devices.

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Embrace scalability

In embracing digital transformation and operating your business technology through a flexible cloud-based solution, which utilises both AI and automation, your organisation will become responsive and agile – able to keep up with increasing demand and facilitate endless business growth.

Digital Transformation

Gain Strategic Guidance

Developing a strong transformation roadmap is essential when you need to deliver constant improvements and facilitate business success. As such, our experts will initially gain a holistic understanding of your business to ensure we start in the right place and with accurate objectives.

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Employ Cutting-Edge Solutions

Innovative technology solutions come hand in hand with any digital transformation strategy. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, specialising in Microsoft’s cloud solution, Azure, our experts are fully equipped to integrate cutting-edge systems and business applications into your organisation with simplicity and ease.

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Enhance Security

Cloud-based working can result in vulnerabilities if not suitably managed; so, when adopting a digital workplace, you need to ensure you have a robust cyber-security plan. At Stripe OLT, we implement robust security measures and controls, utilising enterprise-grade security tools to protect your business data, from both internal and external threats.

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Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation services are for any business looking to thrive in today’s remote working environment, particularly if productivity, continuity and scalability are a top priority.

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If you’re looking to modernise your business processes, and make substantive improvements to your digital workplace, transitioning to a tech-first environment is critical.

Digital Transformation

If you require a technology partner with extra benefits, our Microsoft Gold certification gives us a direct relationship with Microsoft, which additionally means you have fast-tracked support from our accredited engineers.


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Our cloud services have the power to transform your entire business operation.

Whether you need to enhance collaboration with applications like SharePoint and Teams, or secure your environment with their EMS solution, our Microsoft-certified team will work alongside you to achieve your goals and drive business success.

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AT Stripe OLT, we take great pride in our business technology services. Our mission is to provide secure cloud-first technology that delivers results, enables transformation and supports business goals.

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