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Device as a Service (Daas)

Device as a Service (Daas)

If you need new hardware to support your tech-first workforce, you can eliminate high upfront costs by breaking down your device purchasing into smaller, regular monthly payments with our DaaS solution.

Utilising our experts to source the hardware for your business, will gain you access to the latest, cutting-edge technology, while enabling a scalable and manageable approach to device purchasing and deployment.

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How does DaaS work?


Transparent payments

At a lower monthly rate than finance, our DaaS solution allows you to lease business hardware for as few or as many devices as required, with one transparent monthly payment.


simplified submission process

Simply choose the hardware you need, and we’ll apply to our dedicated financial partner on your behalf.

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expertly sourced hardware

Once you’ve been credit checked and approved, we’ll source and supply your new hardware for you.

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Immediate Use

If needed, we’ll set up your devices, across your organisation, for immediate use.

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Easy Upgrades

After three years, you can hand back your devices and, if required, you can upgrade to the latest version.

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Widely suitable

Any organisation looking to update their technology without large upfront costs will benefit from a DaaS solution.


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Device as a Service (DaaS)

2020 has undeniably brought about an abundance of technology movements whereby flexibility, agility and scalability are a top priority for both businesses and IT hardware. Notable trends gaining traction this year include the rise of remote working and the digital transformation of many industries, markedly in the legal and finance sectors.

One emerging trend you may have heard less about however, is the increasingly popular Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) Model – essentially the service whereby you lease new hardware, over an agreed term, after which it can be replaced or upgraded.

A study by Accenture presented that in 2015, 0% of key PC manufacturers in the PC market offered DaaS as a possibility, but this number rose to 65% offering the service in 2019. This dramatic increase is hardly surprising when you consider that the supply chain model covers any technology equipment needed to empower your workforce. This includes anything from hardware management and deployment to device backup, security and end of life disposal.

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How will my business benefit from DaaS?

With the constantly evolving business landscape, flexibility is a must. By utilising an external provider to outsource and manage the equipment for your workforce, your business will profit from cutting edge technology without the need to purchase, configure or even manage it – leaving you more time to focus on your business.


A major benefit of DaaS is the ability to scale device deployments as business requirements flex and change. Your organisation can quickly replace outdated devices and update to the latest hardware to best facilitate productivity and business growth without placing tension or unnecessary expenditure onto the company itself.

Lowered Expenditure:

In utilising DaaS, your workforce will be equipped with the latest hardware, tailored to their specific requirement, all without a large upfront cost. A low fixed monthly cost, over an agreed term of service, is arguably the most suitable purchasing solution in the current business climate.

This benefit holds particularly significance with the rise of remote working – due to COVID-19, many businesses found themselves having to quickly implement a remote working policy and therefore purchase a multitude of laptops at once.

Buying the hardware fully configured and ready to go not only reduces the downtime of employees transitioning to working at home, but the monthly payments also eases the upfront cost for the business. Not only this, but as payment is usually on a per-device basis you will only pay for what you use, which means the overall cost of capital expenditure for your business can be transferred to operating expenses.

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Why opt for DaaS with Stripe OLT?

Both the support and the expertise that you will acquire through utilising Stripe OLT as your DaaS provider will ensure a streamlined service for your business, whereby our experts provide an end-to-end process from sourcing the hardware, to installing and upgrading. Organisations can even bundle management alongside projects or IT support, which ultimately means the full life cycle of your business hardware is covered.

If you want to lighten the burden on your existing IT department, increase the flexibility of your business and gain access to the latest technology at an affordable rate, consider adopting a Device-as-a-Service model and embrace the opportunity to modernise your hardware procurement. If you would like to find out more about these benefits, get in touch with one of our team here.