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Managed Cyber Security

Take back control with an expert Managed Cyber Security Service Provider

24/7 Managed cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our Managed Security Operations Centre provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level threat detection and incident response capabilities, without the need for heavy internal resourcing.

whaT Is A SOC?
Core capabilites
security technologies
complimentary services
We now know we’ve got eyes on our assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with that peace of mind, we can focus on other business critical tasks. The Stripe OLT Sec Ops team are professional, knowledgeable and always available when needed.

protect, detect, respond

Stripe OLT’s Managed SOC and SOC Onboarding services are outsourced solutions designed to help organisations of all sizes improve their ability to prevent, detect and immediately respond to threats.

Our highly certified, UK-based SOC, is comprised of ex-military personnel, cyber security analysts, SIEM engineers, ethical hackers and threat intelligence analysts who, as a team, are a virtual extension of our customers’ in-house IT security resource.

Using the latest Microsoft security and detection technologies to hunt for and eliminate malicious actors before they pose a threat to business, our team are here to support and secure 24/7/365.
Incidents captured in the last 30 days
Tickets closed in the last 30 days
Breaches stopped in the last 30 days

360° Cyber Security Capabilities

Our award winning SOC has been developed to operate within our customers own Microsoft 365 tenancies, enabling full access and visibility over the service we deliver, whilst additionally gaining deep insight into the toolsets we are using. Split into three core areas our SOC covers a variety of capabilities.

detection & prevention capabilities

Real-time always-on monitoring 
Advanced threat hunting and detection
Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
Internal and external vulnerability scanning 
Migrate and sync relevant services from your existing platform, into Microsoft 365 
Microsoft security and compliance monitoring

Response & Investigation capabilities

Investigation of risks 
Containment of threats
Emergency, breach, and incident response
Forensic investigation  

Reporting & Compliance capabilities

Educational simulation phishing campaigns
Vulnerability management
Monthly vulnerability assessments
Internal and external vulnerability scanning 
Regular product reviews and security roadmaps 
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choose your Managed SOC solution

We’ve integrated the above capabilities into our managed security plans, all developed to provide you with the security tools and expertise your business actually needs.

In house management

SOC deploy

With this solution, your team will be empowered with the security capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel, and gain the ability to remediate risks in-house.

We will deploy Microsoft Sentinel into your tenant, configuring the appropriate SOC tools and frameworks to enable alerts and detect malicious activity.
Implementation of Microsoft Sentinel in your M365 tenant
Configuration of key security toolsets
Deployment of in-house SOC

Managed monitoring (EDR)


Includes SOC deploy

Built to suit IT leaders that need extra eyes on their environment, our team provide 24/7 security coverage.
Dedicated Resourcing for Event Handling
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)  
Proactive Threat Hunting 
24/7 Monitoring and Support 

managed Monitoring & Alerting (XDR)



For those that want to take their business security one step further and gain a dedicated, team to monitor and manage their security alerting.

All the capabilities of SOC Monitor
Dedicated Resourcing for Alert Management
Threat and Vulnerability Reporting
Cloud Security Baseline Monitoring
Shadow IT discovery and Management

Fully managed (MSOC)

SOC 360°


SOC 360°, delivers unparalleled security management. Your business will benefit from a fully managed security suite that detects, triages, and remediates threats in real time, in addition to user empowerment.
All of the capabilities of SOC Monitor & Manage
Phishing Attack Simulation and User Training
Vulnerability Assessments
Attack surface review
Chief Security Advisor (CSA) insights
Certified Microsoft engineers
On-the-day, 2nd and 3rd line support
Technical KPI focus, driven by account managers
Low cost solution, with high ROI
Flexible, user-based contract structure
Security-first focus, with enhanced security capabilities
Increased productivity for users, with minimized downtime
A long-standing, strong partnership model

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enra specialist finance

how we helped a leading financial services company imrpove their security posture with Our MANAGED SECURITY OPERATIONS CENTRE

One of the main challenges many businesses face when trying to improve their cyber security posture is overcoming the resourcing required to build and maintain an in-house SOC team.

Enra Specialist Finance decided the benefits of outsourcing to a team of experts, were too good to ignore…

Microsoft Security Technologies

Utilising a vast range of bespoke toolsets and configurations, our SOC is underpinned by robust Microsoft security technologies . With these technologies our experts can protect, detect and respond to cyber security threats in real time.
Microsoft Sentinel – the ultimate SIEM & SOAR solution
Microsoft Defender for Cloud – for posture management & cloud workload protection
Microsoft Defender for EndPoint – endpoint protection, detection and response (EDR)
Microsoft Defender for Identity – used to protect client identities from multiple types of targeted cyber-attack
Microsoft Intune – for device endpoint management
Azure Active Directory – a robust identity and access management solution
Microsoft Cloud App Security – a comprehensive cloud access security broker
Azure Information Protection – for cloud based data classification, tracking, protection, and encryption
Certified Microsoft engineers
On-the-day, 2nd and 3rd line support
Technical KPI focus, driven by account managers
Low cost solution, with high ROI
Flexible, user-based contract structure
Security-first focus, with enhanced security capabilities
Increased productivity for users, with minimized downtime
A long-standing, strong partnership model


Microsoft specialists
Award winning
security experts

microsoft GOLD certified 

Whether you need to enhance collaboration with applications like SharePoint and Teams, or secure your environment with Azure Sentinel, you can trust in our highly certified Microsoft team. 

Award-Winning helpdesks

With over 18 year’s experience, we’ve built a reputation we’re proud of. Winning awards for both our managed IT and managed security services means we don’t just claim to be the experts. With Stripe OLT you are guaranteed an exceptional experience.

highly certified security experts

Employing both ex-government and military veterans, we ensure our clients are protected by the best. Our security engineers are IASME, CREST & Microsoft security certified (to name a few), consistently performing at a high-level, 24/7. 

Complimentary services

Working alongside a team of cloud & cyber security specialists, means your organisation can also benefit from a number of additional cyber security and IT solutions. Perhaps you’re looking for support with an upcoming project, or require extra security capabilities?

Why not combined our Managed IT service with one of the following:
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Security User Training
  • Cyber Essentials PLUS
  • Breached Credential Monitoring
  • Microsoft 365 Security Gap Analysis
  • Digital Footprint Assessments


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