“We needed to find solutions to a variety of issues whilst being a complex business, operating in a 24/7 environment. Stripe OLT listened and understood immediately the challenges we faced.”

IT Operations Manager

Simon Darley

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Enra specialist finance

Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Enra Specialist Finance are one of Europe’s fastest growing property finance and specialist lending companies, as recognised by the FT1000. With a responsibility to protect their data and recognition of the ever-growing threats the finance sector faces, Enra knew they needed to take both an offensive and defensive approach to their security…
Enra specialist finance
Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

The requirement.

One of the main challenges many businesses face when trying to improve their cyber security posture is overcoming the resourcing required to build and maintain an in-house SOC team. As such, Enra Specialist Finance decided to utilise the expertise of an external team.

The Solution.

The Stripe OLT, 24/7/365 Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides Enra with enterprise-level threat detection and incident response capabilities they need, without the need for heavy internal resourcing their side.

By establishing Microsoft Azure Sentinel in their own client tenant, Enra benefits from complete 360° visibility over their business estate, whilst gaining the expertise of a full cyber security team.

The bespoke configurations and toolsets used, allow the Stripe OLT SecOps team to provide a complete set of security capabilities…

DETECTion & prevention

• Real-time always-on monitoring
• Advanced threat hunting and detection
• Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
• Internal and external vulnerability scanning
• Proactive improvements

response & investigation

• Investigation of potential risks
• Containment of threats
• Emergency, breach, and incident response
• Forensic Investigation

Reporting & Compliance

• Educational simulation phishing campaigns
• Vulnerability management
• Monthly vulnerability assessments
• Regular product reviews and security roadmaps
From cyber security services to Microsoft cloud solutions, our mission is to provide cutting edge business technology that secures data, enhances productivity and nurtures growth. So, whether you’re looking for CREST certified Pen Testers to assess your security posture, or Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud & Security Architects to optimize your infrastructure, our accredited team are here to help transform your business operation. 

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"We now know we’ve got eyes on our assets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with that peace of mind, we can focus on other business critical tasks. The Stripe OLT Sec Ops team are professional, knowledgeable and always available when needed.”
Enra specialist finance
Aris Karidis