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What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

In a nutshell:
At it’s core, Business Voice facilitates flexible working, but just as importantly, it’s been designed to enhance efficiency through the use of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence. Find out more below...
Perfect for companies with up to 300 users.

introducing business voice

“This is the communication solution SMB’s have been waiting for, working across all devices, this allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. It doesn’t matter where your business or employees are located, the tools to do the job are right there.”

Which Cloud Based Telephony solution is right for me?

The centralised cloud based telephony solution is comprised of three main areas:

Enterprise-grade phone system

Delivered from the Microsoft cloud and utilising AI and Automation, this hosted VoIP solution has been designed to enhance efficiency through automatically transcribing voicemails, translating chat messages and adding captions to meetings – saving you valuable time and driving productivity.

Built-in audio conferencing

Not only does Business Voice provide unrivalled audio and video quality, it also includes innovative features such as the ability to add a dial-in number to meetings, collaborate with your team in Office apps during meetings, and start, schedule and join meetings straight from Outlook – further increasingly the flexibility of your remote workforce.

Call plan

M365 Business Voice users have the ability to quickly procure and assign new phone numbers, or alternatively migrate their existing numbers over. In addition, employing the hosted VoIP solution means that you can also answer your primary office number from any device that supports Teams, further facilitating a distributed workforce.

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Increased Flexibility

Through maintaining a single number across a range of devices and essentially eliminating the need for an outdated desk phone, Business Voice empowers your workforce to work from any device, in any location – ideal for businesses looking to implement a flexible working structure, or for those who are always on the go.

Enhanced Communication

A vital aspect of maintaining successful remote teams is undoubtedly clear communication. With Microsoft Business Voice, next level audio quality is underpinned with a consistent and reliable connection delivered from the trusted Microsoft Cloud.

Cost Efficient

Through utilising a managed VoIP for all of your communications, your business will be ultimately saving time and money whilst relieving your team the hassle of maintaining a PBX and purchasing costly hardware.

One Centralised Hub

Lastly, but by no means least, Business Voice’s integration within the Microsoft ecosystem is what makes this the stand-out cloud phone system on the market. Employing one centralised communication hub for your calls, meetings, messaging and file sharing requirements drives productivity, whilst the syncing capabilities with Outlook mean that your contacts and calendar are connected across the board for ultimate organisation.


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