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Have you thought about the ‘Freedom Day’ technology basics?

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Freedom Day - Workplace Technology Essentials

It’s likely many of you have already considered your return-to-work policies and processes – From sanitisation stations and workplace rotas to a new cloud-first infrastructure that facilitates your (partially) remote workforce.

However, before the government provide their ‘Freedom Day’ update on the 16th July, we wanted to provide you with some last minute technology tips, to help with a possible influx of employees.

So what should you be considering? We’ve listed some technology essentials below:

Have you updated your onsite desktops before employees return to work?

There could potentially be hours’ worth of updates and multiple restarts required – You certainly don’t want your employees returning to a desktop that hasn’t been switched on for over a year, so make sure you get someone to go in early (ideally a day before) and switch everything on – alternatively get your IT provider to give you a status update and check everything is good to go.

Will your internet withstand an influx of employees and updates?

If the majority of your employees are returning to the office and need to update their devices, it will likely massively reduce your internet speeds. Not only will your workforce be congregating in the kitchen while they wait, but productivity will massively reduce.

If you’ve invested in new remote devices, have you got enough docking stations and screens to suit?

This is a basic one, but a point that could be overlooked. Remotely deploying devices to your employees over the last year means that they likely have the right hardware at home, but it may require additional equipment in the office.

You should also consider if your new devices are set up on any additional office hardware, like printers. Print software may need to be deployed to these devices so your people are ready to go when they get back.

This is more of a consideration that a quick fix but, if employees are bringing their personal devices into the office, you need to confirm they are safe to connect to your network before they plug in.

Ensuring employee devices are safe is crucial if you want to protect your business data – If you haven’t already got a BYOD policy in place, you need to consider getting one asap. Crucially, before you connect any personal devices to the network, you need to make sure they have sufficient anti-virus and firewalls in place.

Crucially, have you got enough tea and coffee?

Mitigating potential 'Freedom Day' issues.

COVID has thrown a spanner in the works for many of us – New considerations, policies and procedures means business got a little more complicated…  So, prior to the ever anticipated ‘Freedom Day’, the easiest thing to do is to get someone into the office to assess all of your onsite technology before the influx of remote workers return.

However, if you need additional support, our team of experts are here to help – Contact us here.

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