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Microsoft 365 Business Voice

It’s finally here! This month, Microsoft launched their new cloud telephony solution, Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a communication solution that has been designed to fulfil all the collaboration needs of the modern small business.

What is Business Voice?

Perfect for companies with up to 300 users, Business Voice integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, to transform how work gets done in the everyday office. Essentially a solution that unifies calls, chat, meetings, calendar, and email, we think it’s the next step in small business communication technology! Alex Eley, Technical Director here at Stripe, attended the UK Launch in London this month and says “This is the communication solution SMB’s have been waiting for, working across all devices, this allows you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. It doesn’t matter where your business or employees are located, the tools to do the job are right there.”

At it’s core, this solution facilitates flexible working, but just as importantly, it’s been designed to enhance efficiency through the use of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence. By automatically transcribing voicemails, translating chat messages and adding captions to meetings, it can save you much needed time to get on with the tasks you need to focus on – who wants to send in depth meeting debriefs when Business Voice will just capture it all for you!

Some of the great features include the ability to add a dial-in number to meetings, collaborate with your team in Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint during meetings, and start, schedule and join meetings straight from Outlook. Communication technology like this has been developed make our jobs easier and with Business Voice it’s certainly achieving that!

When you share knowledge in one place like this, ultimately it saves you time and money – what more could you ask for… Fortunately getting started with Business Voice is easy, our in house team of communication experts will walk you through the process, assisting you with the set-up of new users, phone numbers, and the Office 365 integration. With all your communication and collaboration tools in one place, it is easier than ever to ensure the success of your team and your business!

Want to find out more about Business Voice? Get in touch to find out how you can successfully integrate this technology into your business.

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