TEDx Talk: Ryan Pullen – How clicking a link can cost millions.

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How clicking a link can cost millions...

Our Head of Cyber Security, Ryan Pullen, in his recent TEDx Talk explores the different ways cyber security threats can be presented, sharing experiences that he’s encountered both professionally and personally throughout his career.

There has been an unprecedented increase in cyber crime in recent years, both for businesses and individuals. However, not all cybercrime is enabled by technical vulnerabilities.

In this talk, Ryan shares stories of his experiences when investigating serious organised cybercrime, including how individuals have been targeted and the wider impact it has had.

Ryan explores common attacks that regularly impact the general public, some of the lesser known techniques that have taken shape in 2022 focused on exploiting human trust, and what you can do to be more savvy and aware of the digital risks that could impact you.

About Ryan Pullen

Ryan Pullen has gained extensive experience over his 10 years in cyber security, delivering scalable, bespoke Cyber Security services to a wide range of clients. 

Holding a varied set of certifications in multiple disciplines, Ryan has a proven track record of understanding clients’ needs; being able to design, build and deliver highly technical bespoke solutions. This includes in areas such as, incident response, offensive security, open-source intelligence and cyber consultancy. He’s a certified cyber security trainer, and has experience across a broad range of technical disciplines, in markets including: Corporate, ICS, Leisure, Finance, Law, Aviation, HNW and high-profile, private clients.

At Stripe OLT, Ryan is Head of Cyber Security, leading our high performing cyber security teams to help deliver cutting-edge Microsoft security solutions.

Want to know more about how the Stripe OLT cyber security specialists can support your security initiatives? Get in touch today.

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