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Expert Intel

Building the Right Business Culture to Manage Human Error - Ryan Pullen X ESW

Expert: Ryan P
Role: Head of Cyber Security
Specialises in: Incident response, offensive security, open-source intelligence and cyber consultancy.
What you will learn:
You will walk away from this session knowing why it is important to employ the right individual rather than the CV, and how adopting this approach can drastically improve how a business responds to and manages security threats, company wide.
Human error is the number one cause of a security breach...

Our Head of Cyber Security, Ryan Pullen, joins Enterprise Security Weekly to discuss why a deep-rooted cyber security culture is crucial, and how it goes as far back as the hiring process…

10 years ago, a typical hiring process consisted of working your way through a checklist, hiring individuals based solely on a CV. Today, the ‘Simon Sinek’ culture is gaining more prevalence, with employers realizing that hiring the right person, rather than the CV, can have immeasurable benefits for business.

Ryan will talk about why this is particularly true within the cyber security sphere, and why business leaders should follow this particular ‘Simon Sinek’ strategy to build a successful security operation, and secure business, starting directly with the human’s that run it.

About Ryan Pullen

Ryan Pullen has gained extensive experience over his 10 years in cyber security, delivering scalable, bespoke Cyber Security services to a wide range of clients. 

Holding a varied set of certifications in multiple disciplines, Ryan has a proven track record of understanding clients’ needs; being able to design, build and deliver highly technical bespoke solutions. This includes in areas such as, incident response, offensive security, open-source intelligence and cyber consultancy. He’s a certified cyber security trainer, and has experience across a broad range of technical disciplines, in markets including: Corporate, ICS, Leisure, Finance, Law, Aviation, HNW and high-profile, private clients.

At Stripe OLT, Ryan is Head of Cyber Security, leading our high performing cyber security teams to help deliver cutting-edge Microsoft security solutions.

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