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Why Patch Tuesday is so Important

In a nutshell:
Originally introduced in 2003, Patch Tuesday occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, and it’s on this day that Microsoft release the security and software updates for their Windows operating systems.
Updating your software is key to keeping your business, and users secure.

Patch Tuesday

Firstly, what is Patch Tuesday?

So, why every second Tuesday and when they detect them?

The Importance of Patching

Patches essentially cover up security holes in order to keep hackers out, which is why it’s so essential to keep them up to date. Following Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday releases, regular patching of your software is a crucial part of keeping data safe – Hacker’s thrive on security vulnerabilities and will take advantage of any weaknesses that they can find.

At Stripe OLT, we would always recommend backing up your system and any important files before installing these patches, just to be on the safe side.


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