Robust cyber security not only keeps your business safe, but it also ensures your clients and customers feel secure when working with you.

If you’ re looking for a cyber security company in London or Bristol, our CREST, SANS and GCHQ certified engineers, have the skills required to keep your systems secure, the knowledge to ensure you are compliant, and the dedication to make sure you’re protected 24/7.

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As a top cyber security company, our Security Operations Centre provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level threat detection and incident response capabilities, without the need for heavy internal resourcing costs.

Stripe - Icon - Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Through robust penetration testing, carried out by our certified experts, discover how cyber criminals could gain access to your business systems and network.

Stripe - Icon - Gap Analysis

cyber security GAP Analysis

We will help you understand the existing security gaps in your current business systems, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Stripe - Icon - Policies and Procedures Review

Vulnerability Assessments

These security assessments provide you with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk context to understand the threats to your business and how to mitigate them appropriately.

Stripe - Icon - PCI Compliance

Cyber essentials &
Cyber essentials PLUS

Cyber Essentials is a national, government-backed certification that helps organisations safeguard their systems and employees.

Stripe - Icon - Phishing Awareness

phishing training

Through automated simulations and quality security awareness training, you will safeguard your business from a breach and, most importantly, the loss of invaluable data.

Stripe - Icon - Security Awareness through Education

cyber security User education

To be truly prepared for an attack, your strategy needs to go beyond anti-virus software. A robust strategy adopts an offensive position and prevents through cyber security education.


Supporting a top 500 law firm

Hansel Henson, a UK Legal 500 law firm specialising in intellectual property and digital media, were receiving an increasing number of inbound phishing email threats. They knew they needed to seek help from one of the top cyber security companies in the UK…

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Red Teaming Vs Blue Teaming

The last few years have witnessed a change in the nature of cyber attacks – according to the latest government statistics, there has been a dramatic rise in phishing attacks, pointing to the trend of hackers specifically targeting remote workers. As one of the top cyber security companies in the UK we are in a perfect position to help…


What is ethical hacking?

The mounting importance of cyber security in today’s digital landscape means it is increasingly common to find Certified Ethical Hackers working alongside cyber-aware organisations, in order to identify security risks and areas of improvement.

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