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No matter your sector, industry or size, cyber security is essential for every business. Not only does it keep your business and your employees safe, but it also ensures your clients and customers feel secure when working with you.

As one of the leading managed security service providers and CREST accredited companies in the UK, Stripe OLT have the skills and knowledge in-house to offer cyber security services and solutions to businesses that need to keep processes, systems, and services secure 24/7.

A cyber security audit with Stripe OLT will give you expert insights and guidance on what your business needs to do to improve your security.

Cyber Security


cyber security services and soultions

One size does not fit all, which is why Stripe OLT offer a wide range of cyber security services that can help protect your business. Learn more about the cyber security services and solutions we can offer:

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SOC Cyber Security

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides businesses anywhere in the UK with enterprise-level threat detection and incident response capabilities at an SME price tag.

Stripe - Icon - Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Through robust penetration testing, carried out by our certified experts, discover how cyber criminals could gain access to your business systems and network.

Stripe - Icon - Gap Analysis

cyber security GAP Analysis

With a cyber security assessment, we can help you understand the existing security gaps in your current business systems, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Stripe - Icon - Policies and Procedures Review

Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessment certifications provide you with the necessary knowledge, awareness, and risk context to understand the threats to your business and how to mitigate them appropriately.

Stripe - Icon - PCI Compliance

Cyber essentials &
Cyber essentials PLUS

Our experts have delivered Cyber Essentials consultancy to businesses all over the UK, providing them with the guidance and support they need to successfully achieve security accreditation.

Stripe - Icon - Phishing Awareness

Cyber Security Phishing Training

Through automated simulations and quality security awareness training, you will safeguard your business from a breach and, most importantly, the loss of invaluable data.

Stripe - Icon - Security Awareness through Education

cyber security User education

To be truly prepared for an attack, your strategy needs to go beyond anti-virus software. A robust strategy adopts an offensive position and prevents through cyber security education.

Book a Cyber Security Audit

Find out what a cyber security audit means and what you will discover about your business’ security posture.

Cyber Security Consultancy

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IT security protects physical and digital data, while cyber security protects the digital data held on your networks, computers and devices from unauthorised access and attack. As a top cyber security company, we utilise both offensive and defensive cyber security tactics to ensure your company and its systems are secure and protected.

Stripe OLT’s dedicated Cyber Security Team leverage cutting-edge Microsoft detection technology and artificial cyber intelligence, to offer an unparalleled Security Operations Centre.

From our London and Bristol offices, we work closely with Microsoft, using the NCSC policy framework and our own bespoke toolset, to ensure cloud and on-premise environments follow Cyber Security best practice and crucial security policies.

Providing a full 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre ensures our team are able to respond at the earliest sign of a potential breach.

Providing our customers with a dedicated team of certified professionals and ex-military veterans, we have the power to respond in real time, to ever-growing threats.

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Supporting a top 500 law firm

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