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Digital Footprint Review

EMW is a law firm with offices in Gatwick, London and Milton Keynes working with regional and global businesses in their corporate and commercial needs as well as individuals with their private client matters, , and pride themselves on the personal services they deliver. EMW however, don’t just do law. They prioritise the people they protect, and that extends into security. With a genuine interest in client care, it comes as no surprise that those at EMW want to ensure the impact on their clients is always a positive one.
Digital Footprint Review

The requirement.

Understanding that the people and organisations they support through their legal services are relying on them to protect their best interests, EMW decided that they needed to also look inward.
As such, their IT Director Lee Killner, decided to undertake a digital footprint review with Stripe OLT. In doing this Lee, would be able to understand the type of information available about him online, and in turn available to malicious actors. In uncovering this information, Lee would be able to further understand the types of vulnerable data generally available online, and consecutively build an online digital profile that wouldn’t be considered a potential risk to the business.
As EMW’s IT Director, Lee wanted to pave the way for the rest of his colleagues, helping them to understand the types of vulnerable data online, and ultimately raise further awareness within their business.

The solution.

The Stripe OLT Digital Footprint Review is underpinned by an established OSINT (open-source intelligence) framework, that allows our team to uncover potentially risky personal information online. Our toolsets provide a complete overview of an individual’s digital profile, over various phases including:

Reconnaissance mapping

In this phase, our team will gather as much information about the target as they can. Our specific toolset provides a holistic view of an individual’s digital profile and how they appear to the outside world. This could be how many pet’s a person might have, information about family members and which online platforms they use.

Passive information gathering

Passive information gathering focuses on collecting information archived on systems not located within a local network. During the information-gathering phase, a variety of searches are conducted, which can include information that is not necessarily related to the target. We may look through search engines, government sites, corporate registries or personal websites.

Social Media Review

Social media content provides a versatile means of gathering information on an individual. In this phase we can look for anything from e-mails and phone numbers to check-in locations and photographs… A multitude of avenues are available to be exploited if a user is not careful.
To help our clients understand where the specific risks lie, we have adopted a risk-based analysis, placing risky social data on a spectrum, detailing why and where the dangers lie within specific social platforms.

Leaked Credential Check

Data breaches occur regularly and often result in millions of individuals having their credentials and other information leaked, often without their knowledge. These credentials can be posted online and sold to the highest bidder or used by those who conceptualised and completed the data breach for malicious gain. Our experts scour the internet for leaked information, providing clients with the information they need to rectify any at risk accounts.
Ultimately Lee, now has an in depth understanding of the data available about him online, and has the information needed to make sure his digital footprint is water-tight. Crucially, as a senior leader within the business, Lee has the knowledge to help build a strong security-first culture at EMW.
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“As our IT Director, I have a responsibility to make sure we all take cyber security seriously and this really has helped build awareness within the business. Off the back of this I delivered a presentation to our users, who now have a really great foundational understanding of the types of open-source information that can be out there. I would highly recommend this service to organisations that want to build strong, security-first mindset within their business."
Lee Kilner