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Cyton Biosciences: Office Move


How we helped Cyton Biosciences move offices - for the second time.

The challenge.

Cyton Biosciences is an award-winning pharmaceutical consultancy for the veterinary industry based in Bristol. We helped them move from their offices in Clifton to Ham Green just over the River Avon, to accommodate their continued growth.

What the client said.

“Stripe OLT had already moved us once extremely smoothly, so we were confident they could do it again” says David Parry, Technical Director at Cyton Biosciences. “They’ve been our IT support company for around ten years now, so they’ve been the obvious choice whenever we’ve needed to move.”

“Moving was a good opportunity to upgrade some of our infrastructure, and the new office needed a certain amount of work before it was ready for us, so it wasn’t just a straightforward move” explains David Parry. “Also, because many of our systems integrate with those of our German parent company, every step of the move had to be co-ordinated with Germany to avoid compromising our data and systems.”

Our Stripe OLT engineers worked closely with the German parent company, the office designers and the telephone system provider to ensure that all the work on the infrastructure, cabling and phone systems was co-ordinated, and make sure that the office was ready to receive the Cyton hardware on the weekend of the move. We also moved the actual IT hardware itself, making sure that all the equipment arrived safely and was set up correctly.

“Stripe OLT understands our business really well and our particular requirements, especially around data security”, adds David. “We sat down to plan the move with them as soon as the new location was confirmed and because we work with the same people at Stripe regularly, it was very straightforward. The move happened over a weekend, and when Cyton staff came in on Monday morning they were able to access all their normal systems and work straight away. One of our engineers was at the new office first thing on the Monday to resolve any teething problems. “Overall, it went extremely smoothly and we didn’t have any downtime during working hours” concludes David. “We’re hoping not to have to move again in the near future, but if we do Stripe OLT will be our first port of call.”

Stripe OLT understands our business really well, and our particular requirements especially around data security. Because we work with them regularly, it was very straightforward.

David Parry - Cyton Biosciences, Technical Director

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