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Seeking incredibly fast, well managed, affordable, fibre service but who don’t yet need a dedicated point-to-point connection? We have the answer.

Key benefits

  • More affordable access to big bandwidths
  • Consistently high speed performance: Metro GIG Connect services operate very near their maximum stated 500Mb/s and 1Gb/s speeds for each physical connection when tested (despite fibre being shared)
  • Exclusive to businesses: Metro GIG Connect services do not share bandwidth with residential households.
  • No monthly data usage/transfer restrictions mean there will never be any unexpected extra charges at the end of the month.
  • Maximise related investments: Get the very best out of cloud storage, hosted applications and VoIP (simultaneously)

Who's it for

  • Businesses seeking incredibly fast, well managed, affordable, fibre services – but who don’t yet need a dedicated point-to-point connection
  • Digitally dependent businesses – operating business critical services or supporting large numbers of employees. Ideal for supporting remote workforces / partners.
  • Businesses wanting true value for money – and who are unwilling to accept the limitations of 100Mb/s Leased Line speed caps.

Need more speed?

Seeking incredibly fast, well managed, affordable, fibre service but who don’t yet need a dedicated point-to-point connection? CityFibre is the answer, offering both 500mb to 1000mb symmetrical connections.

Metro GIG Connect services use GPON technology. They’re available in two variants, both backed with fast repair SLAs and with price tags that are significantly less than P2P Ethernet, EFM and comparable leased lines services.

Why CityFibre?

  • True choice of infrastructure provider: modern, capacity-rich, ultra-low latency networks that are completely independent to Openreach and which use absolutely no Victorian-age copper.
  • Fibre beats copper every time: Fibre is incredibly resistant to bad weather conditions – including flooding and there’s no value in stealing it for scrap! Because our network is underground, falling (or poorly maintained) trees aren’t a problem either.
  • Inherently resilient: Our network is engineered for rock-solid reliability. It uses a ring based core architecture where, in most cases, if a fibre break occurs, traffic can be easily re-routed.
  • Trusted across the UK: our robust networks already underpin many local councils, mobile operators, large businesses and service providers themselves.

What speeds will I actually get?

CityFibre’s Metro GIG services run close to their headline speeds because they carefully manage how many users share each fibre. Their contention target is a maximum of 8 users for each fibre. This is very low compared to others and means that, in the unlikely worst case scenario, the minimum you’ll ever get is 311Mb/s download and 156Mb/s upload. i.e. beating dedicated 100Mb/s Leased Lines hands down.

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