Penetration Testing

In today’s digital landscape, the question every IT department should be asking themselves is not “do we really need a penetration test?”, but “when do we need a pen test?”

A penetration test is a cyber security assessment conducted by a professional pen tester or ethical hacker in order to discover any vulnerabilities and gaps in your organisation’s information security.

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Pen Test Services from Stripe OLT

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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

  • Test your network & infrastructure for weaknesses
  • Check services, patch levels and configurations
  • Multiple test types, including external and internal testing
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Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Uncover vulnerabilities and insecure functionalities on your web applications
  • Identify all security risks, including the OWASP Top 10
  • Multiple test types, including authenticated and unauthenticated testing
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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

  • Uncover insecure mobile app functionality
  • Exploit discovered weaknesses in your mobile app
  • Secure your software development lifecycle
  • Suitable to secure both iOS and Android apps
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Cloud Penetration Testing

  • Detect weaknesses in your cloud provider’s system
  • Cover any cloud system: Amazon AWS, Google’s GCP, Microsoft Azure
  • Thorough cloud security assessment to identify threats in your virtual environment
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Wireless Penetration Testing

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in your wireless infrastructure
  • Safely exploiting any identified vulnerabilities
  • Providing a report that contains an ordered list of issues, their associated risk, and remediation advice for identified vulnerabilities
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Phishing Simulation Penetration Assessment

  • Find out the effectiveness of your social engineering controls
  • Maximise your employees’ security vigilance
  • Get maximum protection with regular tests, training and tailored campaigns
“Stripe OLT delivered exactly what was promised and presented a report which was not only easy to follow but also included details of any remedied needed.”
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Lee Killner
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Why choose Stripe OLT as your Penetration Test provider?

Stripe OLT utilises exceptional in-house experience alongside industry best-practise, working closely alongside our clients to deliver exactly what is needed. By partnering with Stripe OLT you will receive:

Experienced, knowledgeable experts

Our Penetration Testing services are accredited by CREST and the services will be delivered in accordance with recommended practices and standards.

A final report

Once the assessment has been completed, a senior penetration tester will discuss the outcomes with you, taking you through a comprehensive report to outline any vulnerabilities or exploits found during testing, with actionable recommendations to mitigate said exploits and vulnerabilities.

Competitive penetration test pricing

There is no one size fits all when it comes to cyber security. That’s why we offer affordable penetration testing so organisations of all shapes and sizes can protect themselves from cyber-attacks.


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