Client Success

Target Media: Back up and Disaster Recovery


Up and running four hours after a major flood

The Client.

As the UK’s number one entertainment, lifestyle and leisure agency, Target Media relies heavily on email to carry out its business. Stripe OLT has been Target Media’s technology partner for over 10 years, and we know how important it is to them and their clients that they are able to maintain business continuity.

The Need.

When our clients Target Media came into work one cold day in December, they found that during the night a pipe had burst in one of the bathrooms on the ground floor. Unfortunately, the bathroom was directly above the server room, and the leak damaged a whole rack of servers, including the organisation’s Exchange server, destroying all their email data.

The Solution.

Restoring to a pre-prepared server

Our first job on site was to make the server room safe, given the potential dangers inherent in mixing water and electricity. As part of our strategic planning for Target Media, we had made sure that there was a server prepared for recovery purposes, and we were able to restore all the company’s email data from their local backup within four hours.

Without this pre-prepared server, Target Media would have had to wait two days to order and configure a new server to restore their email data.

A delighted client

“Stripe OLT were magnificent,” comments Louise Gaynor, Chief Operating Officer at Target Media. “When we discovered the flood we were very anxious about what it meant for our business, but they got us back up and running quickly with the minimum of fuss. The team also communicated with us brilliantly so we could manage the situation successfully. Thanks to them we were able to keep working, and maintain our business and our relationships with our clients.”

“We advised Target Media on their robust backup policy, and it has really paid dividends in this case” says Alex Eley, Stripe OLT Director. “To keep your business going in an emergency, you need to think through not just where your data is stored, but how you are going to retrieve it when you need it and what you’re going to do with it once you have it.”

Stripe OLT were magnificent. When we discovered the flood we were very anxious about what it meant for our business, but they got us back up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Louise Gaynor, Chief Operating Officer, Target Media

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