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Not a day goes by without talk of cyber attacks and security breaches, and attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Perhaps the most talked-about threat in recent years has been Ransomware, an ongoing threat, and one that cost the NHS £73m in 2017 (the WannaCry attack). Unfortunately, as we build up defences against particular threats, hackers simply develop new approaches by identifying weaknesses and capitalising on them. And so the cycle continues…

The key? Being proactive, not reactive

By far the best way to ensure the safety of systems and data is to take a preventative stance. Many companies have been reactive and have been caught on the back foot. With so many threat variants in circulation, and ever more complex attacks being developed all the time, organisations need to ensure that they have security measures in place to protect themselves against a seemingly endless list of threats including malware, phishing, password and denial of service attacks. It’s no wonder that IT teams across the world are struggling to protect their systems from bombardment by an ever-changing set of risks.

Cyber Essentials

The Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme plays an important role in helping organisations of all sizes to protect themselves against the most common cyber attacks. It is a self-certification process allowing organisations to demonstrate that they have achieved the necessary standard in a number of areas:

  • Boundary firewalls and internet gateways. The configuration and use of appropriate firewalls and gateways to protect devices by monitoring traffic and blocking potentially harmful traffic.
  • Secure settings and configuration. The selection of the most secure settings for devices and software (e.g. strong passwords, multi factor authentication, the most secure settings).
  • Access control. It is an unfortunate fact that human error is a major contributor to security breaches and so long as systems have users, there will be security risks. Whilst human error cannot be mitigated entirely, controlling access to company data through user accounts offering different levels of access to software and data does limit the impact of breaches.
  • Protection from viruses and malware. Running malware protection (e.g. Defender for Windows).
  • Patch management. Organisations that are running older versions of software aren’t benefiting from the most up-do-date security protection, which means that they may be vulnerable to security risks for which patches are already available.

Being accredited through Cyber Essentials allows organisations to ensure that their systems are safe whilst demonstrating to clients (and potential clients) that they are taking cyber security seriously. In addition, most tenders will request evidence of good security provision, and the Cyber Essentials certification allows organisations to demonstrate this. In fact, some major industries (e.g. defence, government contracts, aerospace and the motor industry) will only consider working with partners that can prove their commitment to cyber security, and Cyber Essentials an excellent way of doing this.

Guiding you through the accreditation process

Naturally, as an IT and technology partner, we are accredited under the Cyber Essentials scheme and were recently re-accredited. This means that we are ideally placed to support our clients with their own accreditation. We guide them through the process and work with their IT teams to carry out a gap analysis, update policies and controls, and manage the registration and application process. This gives our clients the peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to protect their systems and takes the pressure off busy IT teams who can focus their attention on other important activities.

If your organisation’s cyber security is causing you concern, or you’d be interesting in finding out more about how we support you with your Cyber Essentials accreditation, please get in touch.

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