Office Moves: Downsizing, Relocating and Flexible Working

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Office Moves

Office spaces, particularly within central locations, can be notoriously expensive. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that the impact of COVID-19 has led many organisations to consider their commercial property needs. A recent study by KPMG, reports that nearly 70% of large company CEOs plan on downsizing their office space, a figure that suggests there’s going to be a permanent shift towards flexible remote working. However, this doesn’t mean offices are disappearing entirely.

Organisations will always have a requirement for a physical workspace, whether it’s to hold meetings or network with clients; face to face interaction, especially when it comes to business, is key. However office spaces themselves are likely to look and function slightly differently…

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The Office of the Future

First and foremost, these spaces will need to connect the home office and the working office – which means a tech-first environment is crucial. Cloud technology is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to servers, and safe equipment, like wireless charging stations and biometric entry points, will become the norm. Smaller office spaces are going to be designed with tech in mind, there to safely support workers, whilst promoting efficiency and productivity.

Secondly, tech-first offices spaces will be used to retain talent. The post COVID generation of workers not only expect comfort and flexibility, they’ll want to feel like they’re part of a culture. This means modern interiors and fun work spaces with multi-functional meeting rooms – there to provide a space allows employees to both work and unwind.

So, whether you’re looking to downsize your office, or implement a flexible tech-first space, you will certainly need to move out of the traditional server room and local network environment and transition to cloud-based technology. So, what do you need to consider?



Your IT relocation provides the ideal time for you to evaluate your existing business technology, so first and foremost you’ll need to see if your software and hardware still meet your requirements, and likely, what you will need to update to ensure you have a modern, tech-first workplace solution.

Most people make the mistake of ‘lifting and shifting’ their infrastructure to the cloud, instead of rethinking their infrastructure strategy. This means wasting large sums of money on cloud infrastructure they aren’t utilising. So during this stage, you should consider reorganising your infrastructure, and in turn, technology spend – the money you will have saved downsizing could be used to fund a new cost effective solution.

It’s also worth considering any new cyber-security requirements. If you’re physical office is shrinking, your new cloud environment will be bigger than ever, and this in itself brings new security challenges.

Our team will ensure that your new premises can support your new infrastructure, be it cloud or hybrid, before providing optional recommendations on how and where you could improve your current business technology.



Assess you’re your premises. A seamless office transition is only achieved through meticulous planning, so once you know which site you’ll be moving to, you’ll need to visit to your new office space to assess the existing (or non-existing) infrastructure and network cabling – From here you’ll be able to construct an action plan.

At Stripe OLT we know that no move is the same, so gain a thorough understanding of individual business requirements through concentrated discovery sessions and audits. Crucially, we’ll also work with your existing technology partners to synchronise any changes, to ensure a unified transition.

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Back Up

Back up data. Regularly backing up data is essential for the continuity of any business, however, it is particularly critical during an office move to safeguard your data against any potential accidents that may occur during the relocation.

Once your data is protected, it is important that you also have a comprehensive and documented disaster recovery process. So, in the event of a physical calamity, the implementation of a highly robust backup strategy will result in minimal downtime and continued efficiency for your employees.

Crucially, plan to move your data to the cloud before you change offices, this will give you the backup and redundancy you need, while your local infrastructure is offline during the move.



Set up and test all equipment. Do this prior to your first day and it will ensure that you do not end up with any surprises, especially those that will result in downtime or disruption to your workforce on their first day.

Crucially, it’s important to have a singular point of contact during this type of project, At Stripe OLT we provide you with a dedicated Project Manager, who’s there to assist with any questions or potential issues to ensure a successful shift to the cloud infrastructure.

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Ensure you’re workforce know how to use any new business technology. To ensure a successful transition, whether that be to a remote working structure or a new office location, we will run training for your staff to guarantee that they are up to speed with any new technology, prior to the move.



Partnering with an experienced Managed Service Provider can facilitate a streamlined process for your business.

Our wealth of experience in assisting with almost 100 relocation projects, means that we are confident in delivering unified office moves to organisations of any size.

At Stripe OLT, we make sure that at the end of every project, we provide full documentation of the new environment. In addition, we put in place contingency arrangements for critical servers – just in case.

Adapting to the new demands of working and the subsequent change in office space requirements can be made easier by utilising a Managed Service Provider. So, if you’re planning a move, why not trust in a Microsoft Gold Partner to leverage cutting-edge technology and help you adopt a new, modern way of working… Find out more about our office relocation services here or fill out our short form below.

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