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Microsoft 365, Tenancy to Tenancy Migrations

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Microsoft 365 - Tenancy to Tenancy Migrations

At Stripe OLT, our technical experts have been witnessing a rise in cloud-to-cloud migrations, specifically Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant. This could be attributed to the rapidly increasing need for digital transformation across industries, but could equally be due to many businesses realising they require a higher level of security, or needing to facilitate a business merger.

This user guide aims to explore how and why you should undergo a tenant-to-tenant migration, whilst exploring use cases and benefits.

Firstly, what is a Microsoft 365 tenancy migration?

A Microsoft 365 ‘tenant’ or ‘tenancy’ refers to the domain account which is attached to the full Microsoft 365 suite. A tenancy-to-tenancy migration usually represents two organisations (or tenants) wanting to create a more streamlined exchange of data between them by merging them together – for example with business mergers and acquisition. This is essentially done by migrating one cloud tenant into the other – moving mailboxes, domains and OneDrive accounts.

Why should you undertake a cloud tenant migration?

Use Cases

There are several scenarios that might lead a business to migrate between Microsoft tenancies…

Business mergers

In the case where two organisations formally come together to create one business, mailboxes and service settings would need to be migrated from one cloud tenant to another. For organisations with a large number of users, it is generally recommended to work with a third-party Managed Service Provider (MSP) to streamline the process.

Company acquisitions

Similar to the above, when one organisation obtains another, the procured business may need to be moved with their original mailboxes destroyed.


For organisations that may need to close or sell certain assets the above process may again be required to move the data for users involved.

Digital transformation

Any organisation needs to provide suitable technology for their workforce, leading many scaling businesses requiring a tenant migration in order to update their current systems. Read how we assisted Sustrans in a company-wide migration from their internally hosted version of Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 here.

Key Benefits


In the case of mergers and acquisitions, combining two Microsoft tenants creates a more streamlined distribution of data between the two organisations, easily facilitating a business merger.


Through undertaking a tenant-to-tenant migration, your business has the opportunity to update its current systems and join the modern way of working.

Added security

Similarly to the above, through updating your systems with a tenant migration, your business will benefit from state-of-the-art security systems to protect your network, infrastructure and users.

Tips for a successful tenant to tenant migration

Prepare your Microsoft 365 environment

The integration throughout the Microsoft suite enables unparalleled collaboration between different Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups. What you don’t want to end up with however, is duplications of groups and data following the migration. That’s why we would recommend tidying up your environment prior to the move – archive old content, assign owners to teams, and stay on top of external link sharing. These best practises will make it a lot easier for users to find and access data after migration!

Create a detailed asset register or inventory

Creating an inventory for both cloud tenants can assist in deciding which tenant will be the destination and which tenant will be moved, whilst additionally identifying the data that needs to be migrated as well as the data that can be archived.

Resolve any existing issues pre migration

An example of an existing issue could be custom permission levels in SharePoint. Microsoft recommends moving all users and groups to the default permission levels pre migration, or plan to create and fix the custom permission levels post tenant migration. Fixing any potential issues ahead of migration will mitigate the risk of user downtime and impacted productivity.

Domain preparation

Preparing the target tenant’s environment prior to migration is essential – ensure that you have enough space for the additional data, in addition to creating new mailboxes and purchasing additional licenses if required.

Key Takeaways

In essence, the rise in innovative cloud solutions taking the market by storm has led to a conforming rise in cloud-to-cloud migrations. For IT admins, merging cloud tenants can present unique challenges, leading to large scale migrations often requiring the expertise of an MSP to assist with the move.

How Stripe OLT can help with your Microsoft 365, cloud tenant migration?

If you’re looking to modernise your technology in the new year, our Microsoft gold certified engineers are perfectly placed to assist with your digital transformation.

Whether you need to improve collaboration with applications like SharePoint and Teams, or secure your environment with Azure Sentinel, our Microsoft certified team will work alongside you, to help you achieve your goals.

Whatever changes are coming your way, speak to our certified specialists here.

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