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Personal and Family Subscription

As we all know, it has never been more vital for us to stay connected to loved ones. Self-isolation has forced us to explore creative new ways of living, working, learning and connecting with people. This adjustment to the new ‘normal’ has been undoubtedly helped by Microsoft’s recent announcement to their 365 subscriptions. By repositioning their existing products into Personal and Family plans, aimed at allowing individuals and families to be able to learn and work with ease from home, they’ve created an inclusive, flexible solution for modern life.

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, details how the Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription infuse “new artificial intelligence (AI), rich content and templates, and cloud-powered experiences” aimed to empower users to become better writers, presenters, designers, financiers, and to deepen their connections to the people in life. Sounds pretty good, right? For those of you who are interested but not familiar with these new features don’t worry – we’ve highlighted our favourite features that the whole family can enjoy, whether at work or school! Keep reading to find out more…

So what do I get with a Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription?

With a Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription, you’ll get everything you had with your Office 365 subscription, plus all these exciting new features…


Let’s begin with Microsoft Editor

Aimed for those at school or in work, you can be certain you’ll be bringing out your best writing abilities with advanced style critiquing, rewriting suggestions and plagiarism checks. The AI powered service is available across 20 different languages and allows you access to advances style and grammar refinements.

Not only can you become a more confident and refined writer, Presenter Coach in PowerPoint can also help you rehearse public speaking, by using AI to prevent talking too fast or just reading off the slide. For those who are Microsoft 365 subscribers, there are even the added features of monotone pitch and speech refinement whereby Presenter Coach will give you feedback on the variation and phrasing of your speech – ideal for those who might find public speaking nerve-wracking!


Next – PowerPoint Designer.

Ever wish you could create beautifully imaginative presentations but simply don’t have the time? Well now this feature allows your creative juices to flow by generating unique slide layouts and timelines to give your presentations that extra sparkle, whilst saving you the time and hassle! Microsoft 365 subscribers get the added benefit of exclusive access to thousands of extra images, looping videos, icons and fonts.


So now you’re a better writer, presenter and designer, what about those finances?

With the current interruption to regular life you might be feeling more disorganised or stressed than usual. Money in Excel is a new solution for Microsoft 365 subscribers which allows you to connect your bank and credit card accounts, meaning you can manage and track your spending all in one place – Excel! This feature even includes personalised insights into your monthly spending and will send you alerts regarding price changes – Money can now be one less stress on your mind!

As well as helping you achieve your financial goals, you can also organise your time better with the new features in Outlook. These include Play My Emails – allowing you to catch up on new emails whilst remaining fully present at home through the intelligent email reading by Cortana. In addition, you can link up your work and private calendar for an overview of all your commitments – no more pesky clashes or double bookings!


Your work and home life now sound more organised than ever… But what about personal connections?

In the current landscape of social distancing, use of video conferencing apps have soared – it has clearly never been more important to socialise virtually. This has thankfully been made easier with Meet Now, the new feature in Skype, which allows free video meetings with no sign ups or downloads. If this wasn’t enough, Microsoft Teams are previewing new features specifically aimed at your personal day to day life. For example, coordinating schedules, organising family calendars, location updates and much more… Keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming updates.

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Finally, perhaps the most important feature...

Microsoft Family Safety. This is the new mobile app which manages screen time across PC’s Android and Xbox – with an increase in screen time due to online learning and social distancing, it’s imperative your kids are protected whilst browsing. In addition, you can share your location with your family, even allowing them to be notified when you arrive or depart somewhere (not that we’re currently going anywhere… but post lockdown this will certainly be useful). Thanks to Microsoft Family Safety, you now have the tools and insights available to protect your family digitally and in the real world.

The Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription became available on April 21st worldwide, and we don’t think you’ll need much more convincing on why it’s a good idea to subscribe. For pricing and purchasing information click here, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Stripe team if you have any questions on how this can integrate into your new remote working life!

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