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Phishing Awareness & simulation Training

Phishing campaigns are the most popular attack vector used by cyber criminals; in fact, more than two-thirds of data breaches involve this type of attack.

Simple user error, like clicking a malicious link or entering personal details, can result in a breach of security, significant financial cost to business and irrecoverable reputational damage.

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Key benefits

Why should you undertake phishing awareness training?

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Reduce Risk

In training your workforce, you will not only foster a cyber-first culture, you will adopt an offensive security position, ultimately reducing the risk of a breach. Click here to find out more.

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Accessible Information

A lot of information available via a search engine is written with technicalities in mind, which isn’t suitable to your everyday employee. So, instead of talking tech, our GCHQ-certified trainers will keep the course high level and present in an accessible language.

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remove technicalities

Efficient remote and optional on-site training by GCHQ-certified experts allows you to train your workforce almost instantly.

who's it for?

Does this sound like your business?

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Those who do not currently have the necessary knowledge in place to confidently protect their data, and who need to demonstrate their commitment to protecting client information.

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Organisations that find they are regularly targeted by phishing attacks and need to understand internal employee awareness and the current approach to these types of threat.

Business Protection

Organisations that may have already been breached and require expert training around employee prevention and protection.


What type of phishing training is best for your team?

At Stripe OLT, we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and when it comes to education, we believe different user groups require different forms of cyber security awareness and training. Our GCHQ-certified trainers provide two types of training:

Get in touch to begin your organisation's journey to a cyber-first mindset.

Our GCHQ-certified trainers will help you turn your number one weakness into your first line of defence.

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