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Over 50% of all cyber security breaches are caused by human error, yet less than a third of businesses report their staff have undergone any formal cyber security awareness training.

For any business to be truly prepared for a cyber security breach, they need to adopt a proactive cyber defence strategy. Going beyond Artificial Intelligence and anti-virus software, a wholly robust cyber security strategy incorporates cyber security awareness training.

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User Risks

Understanding user security risks

Business Protection

Risky personal devices

Without clear security policies around the use of company data and personally owned devices, staff may connect their own devices to your network, which could lead to the inadvertent import of malware or compromise sensitive information.

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Inefficient reporting

Without a robust cyber security culture and formal reporting process, you are unable to uncover potential issues or report genuine incidents.


Legal Risk

If your workforce is not supported and trained effectively, especially around how they handle particular types of sensitive information, could leave you open to legal action.

Cyber attack

open to external attack

Your users are the primary focus for external attackers. Attacks such as phishing or social engineering rely on taking advantage of legitimate user capabilities and, in turn, can gain access rights.


open to insider threat

Without the right processes in place, employees hold a lot of power. Dissatisfied employees can easily abuse their system level privileges or coerce other employees to gain access to information or systems to which they themselves are not authorised.

key benefits

Why undertake cyber security user education & awareness training?

security education

Increase internal awareness

Through educating your employees, you will reduce the risk of human error and, in turn, decrease the risk of a potential breach.

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gain An additional layer of protection

Our Staff Cyber Awareness (SCA) course provides your whole workforce with the knowledge required to prevent and detect.

Growth technology

Maximise Impact

By educating your workforce, you turn your number one risk into your first line of defence.

Digital Transformation

Gain support from stakeholders

Building a robust cyber security culture has to start at the top, and with our Executive Cyber Fundamentals (ECF) course you can ensure security is a priority for all of your leadership team.


accessible information

A lot of information available via a search engine is written with technicalities in mind, which isn’t suitable to your everyday employee. So, instead of talking tech, our cyber security engineers will keep the course high level and present in an accessible language.


Which course is best for your team?

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Our GCHQ-certified trainers will help you turn your number one weakness into your first line of defence.

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