“We needed to find solutions to a variety of issues whilst being a complex business, operating in a 24/7 environment. Stripe OLT listened and understood immediately the challenges we faced.”

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Networking, Infrastructure & Connectivity

Knotel are one of the fastest growing managed office providers in the UK. They partner with some of the world’s biggest brands, providing flexible, fully-serviced and tailored workspaces all over London. With a vision to empower the modern workforce and improve business productivity, Knotel quickly shot to Unicorn status in 2019 – Their growth was exponential. They went from delivering 100,000 ft2 of managed office space in their first year, to 500,000 ft2 in their second, and this was no mean feat. Many in the industry believed it would be impossible, but Knotel knew, with the right team around them, they could expand rapidly in a demanding London market. So, how did they do this? Essentially, by providing a flexible and dynamic workplace solution to a market in demand. Today’s modern workforce requires agility, and this is especially sought after in the workplace. Silicon Valley’s major tech companies, like Apple, Google and Facebook have proven that staff don’t need to be in an office 9 – 5 and if you want to attract the best workforce, you need to accommodate their needs. This requirement, therefore, naturally extends into their working environment. Knotel’s adaptable workspaces are not only ergonomic and beautifully designed, they have been fitted out with cutting edge technology, to ensure the wide-ranging needs of each customer is met.
Networking, Infrastructure & Connectivity

The requirement.

In order to become a leading workspace provider, Knotel knew that speed and efficiency were top of the agenda. Not only did they need to guarantee customers were in their new offices on time, but they also needed to ensure their technology was up and running as soon as they walked through the door – This is where Stripe OLT comes in.

Over the last two years, we’ve supported Knotel in the implementation of their network and infrastructure for over 25 buildings and almost 60 managed offices. From managing internet connections to installing access points, there is a vast amount of work required to set up the infrastructure of a new site, and this only increases when you throw a scaling business like Knotel into the mix. So, how exactly do we achieve this?

The Solution.


The bones of the infrastructure. At Stripe we provide the hardware required to build Knotel’s connectivity infrastructure. Once the basics, like cabling, have been installed, we go in and provide high quality switches and access points – both of which are essential to build a reliable network.

Using cloud-based solutions, we ensure the technology we implement into Knotel’s sites supports both new and emerging applications, while delivering high performance and consistency.


It’s important to note that when setting up the infrastructure for any business, you need to consider their individual growth plans and potential. Whilst a basic connectivity solution might work well initially, after an increase in employees, that same system is going to struggle under the extra strain, and this is especially true when integrating a new business into a managed office space.

By implementing optimised connectivity solutions, we have been able to alleviate Wi-Fi congestion, support a growing number of remote working devices, as well as ensure the network is equipped to handle the ever-increasing demands of multiple devices and faster data rates. The wireless technology we implement has been expertly designed and engineered for the modern workforce, and there to provide a better user experience.

For a company like Knotel, flexibility and continuity are extremely important, so it’s been essential to provide them with solutions that have scalability, growth potential and the option to add flexible functionalities in the future.

Alongside the technology we implement, we also manage the bandwidth supplied to their 25 buildings – A key element in supporting their internal IT resource.


As a managed workspace provider, Knotel have a wide variety of clients – So, in order to provide a full connectivity solution, we don’t just integrate existing customer systems into the Knotel network, we also proactively monitor and secure it. By utilising cutting edge network security solutions and establishing robust security policies, we are able to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic, as well as identify any malicious activity and defend when required. 


Managing Knotel’s network and securing their 25 buildings could be a challenge without the right technology. However, in providing an agile system that can be controlled from one location, we have been able to provide a solution that both saves time and supports their internal IT department.

For Knotel, the importance of immediate response times and a quick turnaround has been crucial to our successful partnership.
“Whether we’ve been asked to manage the installation of new lines, or solve internet queries, we’ve always delivered on time – which is something I’m extremely proud of our team for achieving. Continuity is key for us, and providing a consistent, high quality service is always at the forefront of our work. Having a client like Knotel has been exceptionally rewarding for us – Our partnership has gone from strength to strength, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us both”
technical Director at Stripe OLT
Alex Eley
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"Utilising Stripe OLT’s support and expertise over the last two years has been essential in our success – With the right technology our customers are able to thrive. Reliability and efficiency are key to our success, and we trust completely in Stripe OLT’s ability to meet these expectations. It’s important to us that we work with suppliers who share our vision, and the Stripe OLT team definitely do this."
Harry Thomson