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As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we understand the importance of scalable, innovative and secure technologies. In providing cutting-edge solutions that adapt alongside our client organisations, we help drive productivity, improve secure working processes and enhance workforce collaboration.


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Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport wanted their business technology to enable growth and support communication – So they decided to bring in the Microsoft cloud experts.


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E5 Licensing

Haseltine Lake Kemper cover the whole IPR life cycle, from helping their clients obtain patents, to defending unjust allegations of infringement. And with offices in Bristol, London, Munich, Glasgow Leeds, and China for Haseltine Lake Kempner, moving to E5 was the first step on the journey to a Cloud-First environment.

Lady and man sat in front of computer screen working

Bristol Airport wanted their business technology to enable growth and support communication - They knew Microsoft technology was going to be significant in achieving this, so decided to bring in the experts.

Modern Desktop

After experiencing organic growth and an increase in remote working, W2 needed additional support to unite their devices and cloud systems, so we helped them implement a modern desktop, Microsoft solution.

Sustrans - Email Migration

In today’s connected workplace, moving away from traditional legacy e-mail environments and into Office 365 is now essential - Sustrans decided to bring in Stripe OLT to assist in the first stages of their Exchange Online email migration.


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