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Behind the Scenes at Stripe OLT – Supporting TechVets

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Supporting TechVets

Following a recent Q&A Business Surgery with Bristol Life Magazine, our Head of Cyber-Security, Ryan Pullen, touched upon our recent venture into the TechVets community – A partnership that has subsequently brought skilled, ex-veterans into our Cyber Security team.

So firstly, what is TechVets?

Their mission is to build a community for ex-veterans and service leavers, specifically for those who are looking to get into the tech-industry. Their resources help to train and educate, building on the existing strengths of veterans, to support the UKs digital economy; their new Digital Cyber Academy enables veterans from any background to learn real skills, to ultimately get recognised within the tech community.

The technology sector isn’t a common pathway for many veterans, however the network TechVets provides has allowed engineers, like our very own Steve Eastbury, to join an exciting industry that is still in its infancy.

Steve says, “I decided to change direction after I left the military and joined TechVets back in February. I knew my skills in differential diagnosis could be applied to technology, and with so much opportunity in the Cyber Security sphere, it seemed like an obvious direction to take. Once I joined, I was able to access a knowledge base that not only gave me hands on experience, but it eventually led me to a job at Stripe OLT.”

Ryan Pullen, says “Steve has been a great asset to our team. The attributes gained in a military position transfer so appropriately to Cyber Security. When I’m looking for a new candidate, I need to make sure they have the following qualities…”



We need our cyber engineers to study consistently and not give up. The cyber threat-landscape is constantly changing, and we need to keep up with it.

Digital Transformation


It is the type of job you have to dedicate your time to, it’s not 9-5, it’s a way of life. When a threat comes in at 3am we need to respond, and I think those from an ex-military background already have experience here and understand this.

best cyber security company


Having a team of people we can trust and rely on is imperative – We deal with real threats and real people, so we need to make sure we have a team of true professionals behind us.

James Murphy, CEO at TechVets says, “Our aim is to alleviate the issue of underemployment in the veteran community, and ensure veterans and service leavers have the option to combine their military experience, with leading cyber and technology skills. Skills that can be acquired through TechVets, to ultimately help provide sustainable careers in technology.

To achieve this, we need the support of hiring managers and employers like Stripe OLT, who appreciate the skills, experience and value that veterans bring to the workplace. I’ve been delighted with the approach Stripe OLT have taken, they’ve really capitalised on the talent our membership holds. It’s clear that when we work together, we are able to ensure companies attract fantastic, diverse talent, to help drive this industry forward.”

For us at Stripe OLT, supporting both our industry and community has always been important, and working with a growing community like TechVets has been a great opportunity to gain some real talent.

Much like TechVets, our job at Stripe OLT is to raise awareness, educate and support, and we aim to do this with everyone we work alongside – So of you’re interested about the opportunities at Stripe OLT, why not get in touch, or check out our current vacancies here.

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