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Train your employees to spot and stop phishing attacks

Employees can be one of the most significant vulnerabilities to the cybersecurity of your organisation. They don’t mean to be, but without the right knowledge, understanding and training, your employees can accidentally click an email and cause serious harm to your business technology.


What is Phishing?

There are many different forms of phishing, from email, vishing, whaling, angler and spear phishing, hackers will try a whole load of tricks to try and fool employees into giving away information or giving them access to your network. Cyber Protection Magazine states, “phishing has become such an effective attack vector, that at least one person clicked on a phishing link in around 86% of organisations last year, with experts predicting that another six billion attacks will occur in 2022.”

Hackers are smart and can pull information from even those of us who think we can spot phishing spam a mile away. It’s all about social engineering the right way to the right people, that’s how hackers get in.

Sophisticated phishing emails look legitimate and from a recognised source, whether they are mimicking the CEO of the company or a third-party supplier you work with, hackers do their research on who it’s going to, what it looks like and what to ask for. Then, if a team member clicks a link within the email, they unknowingly communicate with a hacker.

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Training Prevents Phishing Attacks

Without knowing what to look for, you and your employees can’t tell the difference between legitimate business correspondence and harmful emails from hackers.

Many companies apply ongoing training and prevention best practices to keep employees on the lookout and boost cybersecurity efforts.

Training your staff can include:

  • Phishing campaign templates
  • A selection of set user groups – Campaigns can be tailored to suit job roles and seniority
  • To ensure accurate results, multiple phishing campaigns can be sent to the workforce over a number of days. Providing a true reporting metric, with high level of accuracy.
  • On-site or e-learning follow up training for those who failed testing.
  • Dedicated E-Learning training portal for users with access to pre-agreed course content, to suit your business requirements.
  • Customisable templates and content that could mimic internal e-mails, and even those received from external suppliers.
  • Private-Labelling Capabilities – From your existing Managed Service Provider or your Resellers.

You can’t afford to assume that every employee understands the dangers and tactics of a phishing attack. Investing the time and money into training employees will help them recognise, avoid, and report phishing attacks therefore your business gaining peace of mind knowing that your business and your client data is in safe hands.

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Discover how our phishing awareness training programmes can help your business

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