IT Consultancy & CTO


Our consultancy services provide you with the strategic oversight, operational planning and board level advice of a Chief Technical Officer, without the commitment and expense of hiring a full time senior executive.

Our experienced senior consultants will work closely with your team to identify how the right technology can support your business goals.

They will help you to prioritise projects according to your budget and their likely return on investment, to come up with a plan for the short and medium term. We integrate with your planning and strategy timetable as appropriate to provide expert technical advice.

IT consultancy

Key benefits

  • Operational efficiency
  • Strategic planning
  • Planned and managed expenditure
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Who's it for

  • Any business that requires the strategic insight of a Chief Technical Officer.
  • Any business that has long term plans and requires operational project management.

How does it work?

  • We start with a full audit of your IT infrastructure to understand your current position, followed by requirements gathering from across the business to ensure that all your needs will be met: only by getting to know the business inside out can we become a seamless and valuable part of your team.
  • We work with your IT department and accounts team to document every single item of IT spend across your business, including licensing and salaries. From this, we will identify areas in which we can help you reduce costs by taking a more strategic approach – for example duplicated costs, inefficient processes, or unnecessary spend.
  • We can provide high-level strategic oversight to all your technology projects, regardless of how they are being delivered. You will receive a whole of market view when making recommendations, drawing on Stripe OLT’s extensive experience of current and emerging technologies.

Why Stripe OLT?

At the heart of our business is the understanding that our customers require more than just technical expertise and support. Working in partnership with you means we can help keep your business one step ahead, making best use of the latest developments in technology.

That’s why we offer a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to provide strategic oversight of your entire IT infrastructure, including any other suppliers you have in place. This ensures you have the most effective and efficient systems to support your business ambitions. This includes:

  • Monthly liaison with IT and Information Security Management staff
  • Quarterly attendance at Board level meetings
  • Input on design and planning of all major infrastructure changes

What does it cost?

We know there is no ‘one-size-fits’ all solution when it comes to business technology, that’s why we offer a free discovery session with our experts, to ensure we have an over-arching understanding of each project and business requirement.

For more information into how we can support the success of your business and it’s technology, get in touch with us here.

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