24/7 Monitoring


We provide 24/7 monitoring to keep everything running round the clock, so your business can too.

We’ll walk you through it in the sections below, or why not get in touch and speak to one of our team.





Key benefits

  • Any company that relies on its IT network.
  • Any business that wants to protect its IT infrastructure and data against all risks
  • Businesses that work across different time zones and need always-on reliability

Who's it for

  • Peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is secure at all times
  • Cost and time savings from fixing problems as soon as they occur
  • Protection for critical hardware and/or software.
  • Insurance against server failure and loss of data.

Who’s keeping things running while you sleep?

24/7 monitoring means we keep an eye on all your systems to ensure that they don’t falter. If they do, the fault is picked up immediately and we fix it straight away, usually without you noticing anything was wrong.

We recommend 24/7 monitoring for network environments and IT infrastructure that require consistent high performance. Our monitoring service is included as part of our fully managed service, and involves checking one or more networks for situations that may require specific attention, including hacking attempts and cyber attacks, power outages, network failures, patching and routing.

What’s involved?

  • Our team will discuss your infrastructure and your business to establish which elements of your network need monitoring
  • We’ll set up our monitoring software to ensure that your network is rigorously checked
  • You’ll receive regular reports about the health and performance of your network

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