Backup and Disaster Recovery


Whilst restoring and protecting data undoubtedly go hand in hand, disaster recovery is about far more than just backup.

Whilst restoring and protecting data undoubtedly go hand in hand, disaster recovery is about far more than just backup. Not only are there now ever-present cyber-threats growing in complexity each day, it is also important to recognise that data loss can be additionally caused by human error, hardware failure or natural disasters.

Subsequently, business continuity plans now have the potential to become highly complicated affairs.

Stripe OLT combat this complexity by leveraging a comprehensive perception of your business’s digital infrastructure, enabling our team of industry-leading experts to build and implement a robust and highly operational disaster recovery plan, equipped to restore and protect your vital assets.

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Key benefits

  • Clear, documented recovery processes
  • Secure data and information
  • Increased productivity

Who's it for

  • Our dynamic continuity services are for any organisation looking for a highly effective, enterprise level disaster recovery solution which utilises industry-leading technology to enable you to face adversity with minimal disruption. Our bespoke and reliable disaster recovery solutions are vital for any successful business that relies on technology.

Why Stripe OLT?

Comprehensive documented process

  • Our disaster recovery services follow a managed approach, and assesses various cloud and on-site deployment options to find the right solution for your organisation, because our experts know that when it comes to cloud technology, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ business model.

Data security

  • By utilising a thorough knowledge of your organisation, our specialists are able to predict likely threats and therefore provide a highly effective and actionable recovery plan to protect against physical disasters as well as cyber-crime.
  • Through employing our extensive knowledge of innovative cloud-technology, our advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions can support both a public-cloud or a hybrid-cloud approach, depending on which would provide your business with the maximum benefit.

Continued productivity

  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions need to be devised, installed and tested long before they are needed in order to maintain the health of your business and the productivity of your employees. So, in the event of a server failure or physical calamity, the implementation of our highly robust backup strategy will result in minimal downtime to your business and continued efficiency for your employees.


How does it work?

Our specialists will gain a holistic understanding of all your systems, in addition to your business’s practises and procedures through a series of concentrated discovery sessions and audits, in order to pinpoint the most likely threats along with their severity. We are then able to suggest ways in which to combat these risks through network or infrastructure improvements.

Through our bespoke and tailored solutions, you are able to choose whether to work alongside our team of experts to plan and document your disaster recovery solution, or else integrate your key systems into our trusted and reliable managed service support.

By utilising a combination of our substantial expertise alongside cutting-edge technologies, our team of professionals will ensure that each system and service has an individual, documented plan.

In order to ensure that your disaster recovery solutions remain highly effective, Stripe OLT review, monitor and adapt these plans to flux with the ever-evolving threat landscape. This ensures your strategy is ready to go whenever it is required.


What does it cost?

Risk assessments and disaster recovery plans are costed on a project basis, however we understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ recovery solution, which is why we offer personable and flexible plans to suit the requirements of your business.


For further information into our Back-Up and Disaster Recovery services, get in touch with one of our experts here.

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