Growth and Change Technology

A seamless transition is only achieved through meticulous planning, we've got it covered


Business growth often means moving offices - but a move can be extremely disruptive, leading to downtime, falls in productivity and disgruntled users. There are myriad considerations when changing locations, with many inter-dependencies.

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Key benefits

  • Out of hours work to minimise downtime
  • Maintenance of essential systems
  • Complete infrastructure management

Who's it for

  • Every business needs to move or open new premises at some point – we remove some of the penalties such as downtime.

We can ensure that your move is planned and managed efficiently, while maintaining the right channels of communication with the parties involved. With proper planning, we can make sure you move with little or no downtime, while maintaining critical services and essential workers.

We can project manage the entire move on your behalf, or work with other suppliers to deliver elements of the move efficiently and seamlessly.How does it work?

A seamless transition is only achieved through meticulous planning – you tell us four months before your anticipated move date, and we do the rest.

How does it work?

  • We ensure that your new premises can support your infrastructure and advise on any changes/work required
  • We get all the connectivity up and running, and tested, in your new premises before the move
  • We place and manage broadband/ADSL/fibre orders, invariably the longest lead time in any move
  • We liaise with all your other technology partners to synchronise the changes
  • Most importantly, we put in place contingency arrangements for critical services

Why Stripe OLT?

  • Extensive experience in moving companies, from 5 users to 500
  • Strong relationships with many key suppliers, including removal companies
  • Top notch project management skills
  • Knowledge of all the potential pitfalls and challenges

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