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Sending or employing people overseas, or opening a new office in a different country, is a testing time for any business. Success often hinges on efficient communications and sharing of data and resources between your satellite operation and your home office, so getting your IT infrastructure right is of vital importance.

We’ll walk you through it in the sections below, or why not get in touch and speak to one of our team.


Key benefits

  • Robust and secure links between offices
  • Seamless access while travelling
  • Unified support across all offices
  • A long-term plan to ensure efficiency

Who's it for

  • Companies sending/employing staff overseas
  • Businesses opening satellite offices
  • Businesses connecting to a multi-national

Careful, scenario-based planning can ensure a seamless and efficient link between your offices. Variations in technology and services can affect how your internationally based workers interact with each other and your home office. Added to this, countries may differ in the availability of applications or commonly used tools.

How does it work?

  • We either work with local partners to advise you on an integrated solution, or use our own consultants who already know your business well
  • We help remote workers in other countries deal with connectivity challenges, using synchronisation to ensure that they can work in all circumstances
  • We establish new offices’ requirements and resources to be shared
  • We ascertain the local infrastructure options and any connectivity challenges
  • We ensure that the systems and architecture of new offices match those of your primary site using systems to replicate between your sites so users don’t suffer slow connection speeds

What does it cost?Each case is unique and is costed on a bespoke basis.

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