Vulnerability Assessment


A vulnerability assessment is the process of defining, identifying and classifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures.

These assessments provide an organisation with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk context to understand the threats to the business and how to mitigate the risks appropriately.

vulnerability assessment

Key benefits

  • Efficient and effective risk remediation.
  • Gain knowledge around common risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Gain full visibility over your existing security system.
  • A low-cost solution that will provide invaluable awareness and reassurance.
  • This solution will help towards managing and maintaining certain certifications, for example those who have carried out Cyber Essentials PLUS.

Who's it for

  • Any company that wants to understand their risk profile, both internally and externally.
  • Organisations that are looking to manage internal systems efficiently.
  • Those looking to re-certify their Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.
  • Any organisation looking to comply with Cyber Security tender requirements.
  • Those looking to remove the headache of Cyber Security and want assurance they are following both Microsoft best practice and Government approved policies.

Why undertake a Vulnerability Assessment?

Any company that wants to understand their risk profile, both internally and externally, should undertake an assessment. Cyber attacks come in many forms, nearly all of them look to leverage system vulnerabilities in some way. Many common attacks can be resolved through basic system security configuration and vulnerability assessments which provide actionable information to correct any identified issues. Cyber attacks often not only results in the loss of your network, down time and disruption, but also significant reputational damage and data protection fines.

Understandably, not all organisations have the resource to fund an internal cyber team, so for those looking to manage internal systems effectively, without the large expense, undertaking a vulnerability assessment is key to successful security management.

This assessment is the first step towards understanding where you stand and how to improve your cyber-security posture.


What types of assessment are available?

Robust security goes beyond firewalls and passwords – when multiple users have access to valuable data, ensuring the right access policies and procedures are in place is imperative.

So, at Stripe OLT, we provide two types of assessment. The first is a Vulnerability Management Service, this support contract involves recurring monthly scans, including patching and system maintenance. This service is available for organisations who are looking to take control of system vulnerabilities and manage risk, manage user device security and those who hold data accessed by multiple users but do not have the inhouse expertise to manage it

The second service is a One-Off Vulnerability Scan – This is suited to organisations that need to check their devices are being managed correctly. This could be those looking into a recurring security issue or perhaps a business that needs to adapt their policies to suit a change in working processes.


What’s included in the Vulnerability Management Service?

The first stage of this service is to review your existing network. This review will provide us with an understanding into how your systems operate and what may be required to bring you in line with cyber-security best practice standards, like Cyber Essentials PLUS.

A core part of this support service is to provide a monthly health report, which will include:

  • Details on all internal and external scans carried out over the previous four weeks
  • A record of any vulnerabilities identified
  • A description of actions taken to remediate identified vulnerabilities, like patch updates or blocked user accounts.

Alongside this, our team of cyber experts will also provide suggestions on where you could improve further. This may be possible technology upgrades, design updates, or areas we have observed to be high risk, like lax password security.

Visibility over your security is essential, and this support service is there to keep you up to date and in the know.


What’s involved in a One-Off Vulnerability Scan?

If you’re looking for a solution that is not quite as robust as the monthly Vulnerability Management Service, but want to understand how your current security solution is performing, we are also equipped to provide a One-Off Vulnerability Scan.

This assessment is comprised of a series of internal and external scans, following which we will detail what was identified, an overview of all the vulnerabilities discovered and how this affects your business. Finally, we’ll also provide a report on recommended next steps and how you could improve.


Why Stripe OLT?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, specialising in Cloud Technology, we have both the knowledge and experience to keep on premise and cloud environments safe and secure. We are able to offer tailored assessments that will not only highlight your vulnerabilities but will also support you and your employees.

We believe that all businesses of all sizes should have access to expert security advice, that’s why Stripe OLT offer an unparalleled, professional service, without the corporate price tag.

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