Security Operations Centre (SOC)


Our Security Operations Centre provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level threat detection and incident response capabilities, without the need for heavy internal resourcing costs.


The management and ownership of an organisation’s cyber security can be a grey area for small and medium sized businesses. Many SME’s still believe cyber security is only required at enterprise level, not knowing that small businesses make up over 50% of those targeted by cyber-criminals.

Costing UK companies up to £30bn year, cyber-crime is constantly evolving, because as quickly as new technologies emerge, cyber-criminals figure out new ways to exploit them. So, in an ever evolving digital environment, how can you ensure you secure and protect your organisation, its valuable data and employees?

At Stripe OLT, we know the first hurdle is your cloud infrastructure, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the experience and expertise required to protect your business and its reputation.


managed SOC

Key benefits

  • Receive support from an allocated team of expert security professionals, dedicated to your business's Cyber Security posture.
  • We are able to protect you across your complete business environment; on-premise, cloud & hybrid.
  • We will continuously monitor your systems, 24/7, to identify threats in real-time.
  • We prevent through education - Stripe OLT works with your users to build awareness, even staging internal attacks to demonstrate threats.
  • You will reduce the total cost of ownership by establishing an external SOC department.
  • We offer a tailored service, to suit your business's needs and requirements.
  • Feel assured knowing your cyber security partner will be following both Microsoft and Government best practices.

Who's it for

  • Small and medium size businesses that understand truly robust Cyber Security requires ownership.
  • Businesses that share large quantities of sensitive data both internally and externally.
  • Businesses that have multiple office locations and remote users, and require total visibility and security throughout their estate.
  • Any business that requires a single point of visibility.
  • Those looking to remove the headache of continuously updating to the latest Cyber Security technology.

So how do we do this?

Stripe OLT’s dedicated security operations department leverage cutting-edge Microsoft detection technology and artificial cyber intelligence, to offer an unparalleled outsourced SOC service. We work closely with Microsoft, using the NCSC policy framework and our own set of bespoke tools, to ensure your cloud and on-premise environments follow cyber security best practice recommendations and crucial security policies.

Detect and Prevent.

Ensuring your business is protected online is no easy feat, from phishing attacks to ransomware, users are persistently exposed to malicious content. Usually this content appears seemingly unoffensive and more often than not, undetectable by your everyday employee. Couple this with increasingly sophisticated methods utilised by cyber criminals, and you can see user error was the cause of almost 90% of successful UK breaches in 2019.

This is not cause for panic, however it does highlight the need to ensure you have a robust autonomous detection system in place. By utilising hybrid technologies, alongside Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection, Stripe OLT’s security experts are able to proactively monitor and protect your users and systems 24/7. From endpoint detection and response, such Patch Management and network protection, to enforced ransomware mitigation, like firewall alerts and leaked credential monitoring, Stripe OLT are equipped to provide a fully managed security solution that will defend and protect your business.

Respond and Investigate.

At Stripe OLT, we know security goes beyond detection and prevention, and unlike many other dedicated SOC departments, we believe in investigation and user-education as a means of prevention. Understanding how and why an incident has occurred is imperative to stopping future attacks. By knowing the ways in which your business systems, network and processes work, we are able to provide a direct, managed and informed response that will limit damage and endeavour to prevent the exposure of your valuable data. If required, our SOC agreement can also include access to an on-site team, so you can feel re-assured we’ll be on hand in the event of a breach or attack.


A crucial element of any support service is visibility so consequently, monthly reports are also included in our SOC service. Not only will you receive details on external threat intel and recent trends, we’ll also update you on any internal suspicious activity, users and blocked content. Alongside this you can also opt to receive quarterly strategic meetings to keep you up-to-date and ahead of the game.

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