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Through automated simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics you will safeguard your business from a breach and most importantly, the loss of invaluable data.

Phishing campaigns are the most popular attack vector used by cyber criminals, in fact, more than two thirds of data breaches involve this type of attack. Simple user error, like clicking a malicious link or entering personal details, can result in a breach of security, significant financial cost to business and irrecoverable reputational damage.

However, with a solid security awareness program, you can ensure your business’s defence strategy is robust enough to mitigate the risk and protect your business.


Why Stripe OLT?

Training failure rates are still as high as 25%, because other awareness training fails to teach employees through practical training.

  • Our GCHQ certified trainers have developed bespoke and practical training sessions, that will teach employees how to identify and report suspicious emails, instead of taking action into their own hands.
  • We educate in line with the Cyber Essentials Scheme and in accordance with Information Security standards, such as ISO 27001.
  • We have already helped a large number of organisations, ranging from SME’s to national corporates, so understand how cyber security differs. No matter what size and industry, we have the experience to support your employees.


What’s included?

It’s common for cyber criminals to monitor and track activity before launching an attack, in order to learn how your organisation and employees communicate. That’s why is crucial you have tailored training content, unique to your business.

This content can be created within Stripe OLT’s phishing software suite, where we are able to produce bespoke campaigns for your employees. We’ll engage your employees through an in-depth analysis of social engineering tactics, commonly used by hackers and deployed via phishing and spear-phishing campaigns.

However, we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to business, that’s why we provide 2 levels of Awareness Training:


Level 1 – User Attacks and Phishing Campaigns

This entry level training programme has been developed to promote awareness amongst your workforce, teaching them how to identify an attack and what to do if they receive one.

This programme includes:

  • A variety of set phishing campaign templates, of which you can choose the most suitable for your business. Whether you use Microsoft, Google or Amazon products, we have access to a range of templates to suit your users.
  • A selection of set user groups – Campaigns can be tailored to suit job role and seniority.
  • To ensure we provide accurate results, we provide three phishing campaigns to your workforce over 7 days. We do this to account for those who may alert additional staff members of suspicious e-mails, and to capture results from those who may be on holiday. In doing this we will provide a true reporting metric, with high level of accuracy.
  • Once the campaigns have been delivered, we will carry out on-site or e-learning follow up training to those who failed testing.
  • At the end of the Level 1 training programme, we will provide a full user report detailing who opened the emails, who clicked malicious links and who required follow up training.


Level 2 – Executive Attacks and Spear Phishing Campaigns

Our advanced level 2 training programme delves deeper into the world of social engineering, and focuses on educating your senior leadership team about Spear Phishing.

Spear phishing is a targeted attack at senior groups or individuals within an organisation, and relies heavily on an attacker’s ability to make an email seem genuine. Attackers do their research before attempting a campaign and usually appear to come from a genuine source, because of this, our experts will take the time to research your organisation utilising open source information and credential checks.

In addition to the basic training provided in Level 1, this programme also includes:

  • A dedicated E-Learning training portal for userswith access to pre-agreed course content to suit your business requirements
  • Customisable templates and content that could mimic internal e-mails, and even those received from external suppliers.
  • Open source intelligence used to build bespoke emails with email footer cloning.
  • Custom Domain Registration – We will register domains similar to your business to deliver these campaigns. Replacing letters with numbers, or incorrectly spelt domains, at a quick glance can appear to be the same.

Key benefits

  • Adopting an offensive security position will reduce the risk of a breach.
  • In training your workforce you are able to create a cyber security first culture.
  • Remote and optional on-site training, provided by GCHQ certified experts.
  • Efficient and effective risk remediation.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your business and your client data is in safe hands.

Who's it for

  • Those who do not currently have the necessary knowledge in place to confidently protect their data and client information.
  • Organisations that find they are regularly targeted by phishing attacks and need to understand internal employee awareness and current approach to these types of threat.
  • Organisations that may have already been breached and require expert training surrounding employee prevention and protection.
  • Organisations that want to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security, to both clients and prospects.

How much does our Phishing Attack training cost?

Our plans are tailored to the organisation and priced per user. If you would like further information on pricing or how we can help to support your workforce, please fill in the short form below.


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