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Moving to Office 365


Taking advantage of Office 365’s resilience and always-on availability provides you with immediate return on investment and eliminates the need for costly hardware.

We’ll walk you through it in the sections below, or why not get in touch and speak to one of our team.


Key benefits

  • No upfront hardware costs
  • Manageable monthly licensing subscription fees
  • Resilient and secure infrastructure that comes with the Microsoft cloud
  • Enhanced efficiency with access to collaboration tools like Teams and Sharepoint
  • Tailored remote working capabilities

Who's it for

  • Any business that relies on email as a crucial part of its processes
  • Any business requiring reliable, scalable and easily managed email infrastructure
  • Any business wanting to make it possible for their people to collaborate effectively, no matter what their location
  • Any business going through dramatic changes and requires a reliable working business solution

Considering moving to the cloud?

When considering which elements of your infrastructure to move to the cloud, email is often the most straightforward and sensible place to start. As a core business tool, you can benefit from increased efficiency and productivity while reducing your capital outlay and eliminating maintenance costs for on-premise email servers.

Further benefits from Office365 include access to the full Microsoft suite of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, OneNote and Planner, helping teams work more efficiently and productively no matter where they’re located.

What’s involved?

  • We’ll carry out an audit of your existing email systems and working practices
  • We’ll plan an upgraded infrastructure to support your current and future requirements
  • Once your new infrastructure has been created, we’ll agree an out-of-hours time with you to switch over to the new system.
  • Our engineers will be on hand throughout the migration and afterwards to ensure its smooth transfer, and to make sure your users experience no issues getting up and running.

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