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Penetration Testing in 2022 – Why your organisation should invest

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Cyber-attacks are growing and becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Discover where your organisations' weak spots are with a Stripe OLT Penetration Test.

Whatever shape, size and industry your organisation falls into, something we can all agree on is that data security is integral in today’s digital landscape. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 found that last year, four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) reported having a cyber security breach. This shows that we, as cyber security experts, still need to keep educating, supporting, and assisting organisations in this area.

Another astonishing statistic taken from the IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report, is that human error causes 95% of cyber security breaches. So, a cyber security breach can come from downloading a malicious file, clicking a link in an email, or even just responding to an email. If we do not educate, inform, and make as much noise as humanly possible on the importance of cyber security, organisations’ and people will continue to fall victim to malicious actors.

Cyber Security 95% human error stat by IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report
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How can a Penetration Test help, and which is right for you?

From infrastructure testing to web application testing, we are going to dive into the different types of Penetration Testing, to discover which would be most beneficial for your organisation.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

For organisations’ that want to test the security of their networks and infrastructure, qualified security experts can conduct an infrastructure penetration test in the same way that an attacker would. This provides leaders with a holistic and overarching view of their internal and external networks, in addition to the overall security posture of the infrastructure, consequently mitigating the risk of potential threats.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Due to the public nature of websites, online applications are fast becoming one of the most significant risks to a modern organisation.

For organisations’ that require protection for their mobile, internal and web applications, cyber security specialists can conduct an application penetration test to discover whether your website or apps are missing the secure configurations they need to protect against potential data breaches.

Cloud Penetration Testing

For modern organisations, taking advantage of cloud technology is a must. However, undiscovered security flaws within your cloud systems could lead to the exposure and theft of sensitive data. By utilising a cloud penetration test, Azure specialists can provide your organisation with the holistic insight needed to discover and close any potential loopholes that could result in a debilitating breach to your organisation.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

As your first line of defence, educating your workforce will protect your organisation against employee manipulation and subsequent data theft. As such, conducting simulated phishing campaigns tailored to your organisation, can test both employee reaction and susceptibility to scam emails. This allows you to see where any weak spots are and which individuals might require further training.

How can Stripe OLT help?

To ensure a safer organisation environment and lower the risk of cyber-attacks, our experts recommend investing in a Stripe OLT Penetration Test (also known as Pen Testing and Ethical Hacking).

Here at Stripe OLT, our consultants are awarded a multitude of professionally recognised certifications in addition to being a CREST accredited company. Find out what it means to be CREST accredited here, or for further information about our leading Pen Testing and Cyber Security services, get in touch here.

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Whatever the size of your company - Penetration Testing allows you to assess and quantify the potential organisation impacts of a malicious attack. We assess the overall health of your services and resilience against known attack vectors, allowing you to test current security controls and help to prioritise and address any potential vulnerabilities.

James Hickie, Head of Offensive Security, Stripe OLT

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