New Year, New Cyber-Security Approach?

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As we enter a new year and reflect upon a turbulent 2020, it’s safe to say that promises for self-improvement regarding our health, finances and relationships are dominating our New Year’s resolutions. But what about resolutions regarding the cyber-security of our business?

Brad Smith, President at Microsoft, stated that ‘nothing, not even a pandemic, is off limits to attackers’, and this is has certainly been evident throughout 2020. As we have witnessed the rise of increasingly sophisticated and destructive cyberattacks targeting remote workers and taking full advantage of the increase in online activity. In fact, it was reported that 2020 received a 22.5% increase in attacks when compared to the previous year.

With this steady increase in cybercrime in mind, your 2021 New Year’s Resolutions should feature a few practical steps to foster a cyber-security first culture within your business, keeping your team alert and avoiding costly data breaches…

Digital Transformation

Educate your Employees

In order to create a truly robust cyber-security strategy, your business will need to adopt more than reliable Anti-Virus software and a tough network perimeter. With 67% of cyber-attacks occurring from a popular method called Social Engineering, training your employees to recognise modern security threats has never been more vital.

In fact, with over half of all cyber-security breaches being caused by human error, it is safe to say that your employees are your first line of defence when it comes to cyber-security! Despite this, our experts are always surprised to hear that less than 1/3 of businesses have invested in formal training for their staff…

Here at Stripe OLT, our GCHQ certified experts provide a Staff Cyber Awareness (SCA) course, which focuses on the technicalities behind social engineering and the risks to the individual. Providing this training for your workforce will result in a cyber-security first environment, reducing the risk of a breach. Not only this, but business growth will be encouraged as your staff learn new skills, whilst also ensuring your business complies with industry requirements.

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Lead by Example

In order to adopt an offensive position and confidently lead your business into a security-first environment, you will need to ensure that your own knowledge, as a leader to your workforce, is up to date, comprehensive and relevant.

We realise that different user groups will require different education, which is why we encourage business leaders to lead by example when fostering a cyber-first culture and take part in our Executive Cyber Fundamentals (ECF) course. This, in addition to our SCA course, is a practical training day and a chance for selected delegates of the business to gain a deeper understanding of the current threat landscape, in order to best mitigate risks to their business.

In staying at the forefront of the current threat landscape, you will not only gain peace of mind knowing that your business leaders have the necessary knowledge to protect valuable business data, but you will also be demonstrating to clients your business’s commitment cyber-security – reassuring them that their data is in safe hands.

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Provide Practical Training

According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation’s Report, more than two-thirds of data breaches involve phishing campaigns – the popularity of this method again undoubtedly due to the heavy reliance on human error rather than cracking complicated computer codes. Hence, your third cyber-security resolution for 2021 should include providing practical Phishing Simulation and Awareness Training to your workforce.

The importance of practical training is indisputable, demonstrated by courses without practical training having failure rates as high as 25%… That’s why, in addition to our two essential education courses, our GCHQ certified experts have developed bespoke training sessions covering both entry and senior levels, specifically aimed at how to identify and respond to phishing campaigns.


Key Takeaways

With phishing and social engineering attacks at an all-time high, adopting an offensive security position throughout your workforce is not only recommended, but is a necessary step in order to reduce the likelihood of a data breach.

Through following these security-first resolutions this New Year, your business will conquer the first hurdle – promoting secure behaviour throughout your workforce. Once secure behaviour becomes the norm to employees, an enduring security-first culture is created, and consequently a business with efficient risk remediation, expertly trained employees and clear demonstration of robust cyber-security.

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