Meet the Team: Reece Robinson, 2nd Line Engineer

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Meet the Team:

At Stripe, we’ve taken on quite a few new team members over the past month, so we thought we’d introduce you to one of our newest recruits – meet our new 2nd Line Engineer, Reece.

So Reece, tell us a little about your journey into the world of IT, and how you’ve found yourself here at Stripe…

Surprisingly, I initially started out with an interest in Sports… when I was at school I was on the rowing team, so naturally when I went onto college I studied Sports Science. Like many people I know, my interest in tech started with gaming, however this slowly developed into building PC’s and eventually I decided to do an apprenticeship in IT. My first role was at a Managed Service Provider in London, and over the years I’ve developed my knowledge, to now find myself here…

Rowing – that takes a lot of dedication! Was it something you were quite passionate about?

When I was at school, we actually won the national rowing championships – We came 1st in the UK, in the under 16’s category… It was a while ago, but it’s something I’m very proud of! It’s not something I do anymore though, these day’s I’m all about good food, and my new kitten, Peep. I’m also big on travelling, I’m currently planning my 2020 trip to Mexico! I travelled a lot when I was younger, living in Germany and Cyprus, and like most people, I like to get away when I can.

So apart from travelling the world, where else might we find you?

Well I mentioned I have a new kitten… so at the moment, I’m spending quite a bit of time at home. Apart from that I’d say it’s the usual, out with mates at the weekend and playing videogames when I get the chance. Netflix has definitely got my attention recently – can’t go wrong with a bit of Hannibal and Peaky Blinders, especially now it’s getting dark and cold outside!

Very true! Well now we know a bit about you, we should probably ask about your new job… What type of work will you be doing with us?

Whilst I’m getting to grips with the company, my day to day mostly consists of fielding helpdesk tickets and learning the ropes as an engineer on the support team. I could be doing anything from a password reset, to setting up a new user and laptop. Fortunately, no day is the same, and I’ve even managed to get out to site a couple of times now. But really my passion lies in infrastructure, that’s ideally where I’d want to gain more skills and what I’d eventually end up doing!

Well being a tech company we could talk about infrastructure all day long – however, we’ll end our final question with… If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say Elon Musk. He is absolutely insane, but in a good way! I reckon you could have a great conversation with him, and from the interviews I’ve watched, a lot of his knowledge is gained from the top dogs, the best in their field… I also think AI is developing at a crazy rate and he’s currently working with Microsoft to build a super-computer to rival the human brain – would definitely love to get inside information on that!

AI is certainly something to watch at the moment – Well, we’re going to leave it there for now… Thanks for giving us some insight into the world of Reece Robinson – We look forward to working with you!

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