IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Whether you’re looking to update your legacy systems with a move to the cloud, or need to define a technology roadmap that will best meet your business objectives over the next five years, our team of senior consultants will help you initiate, plan and execute your IT projects, to support your plans now, tomorrow and for the future.

IT project management

Key benefits

Why utilise our expert IT project management services?


Tried & Tested Process

We deliver services using a tried and tested road map in order to streamline projects, completing every goal with optimal efficiency.


dedicated team of IT professionals

Working personally alongside your team, our dedicated, certified experts will strategically deliver projects that will have had client involvement from the offset.

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Short- & Long-term projects

Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term consultancy, any business looking for external, professional assistance on a distinct, temporary piece of work will benefit from our project management services.


expert resource

Any business that wants to focus the entirety of their attention on a specific IT project, but may not have the internal resource to facilitate it, will benefit from outsourcing to a Microsoft-certified specialist.

Digital Transformation

exceptional customer service

As well as providing advanced technologies, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, with a service score that has never been below 95%.

Our project services are underpinned by a set of working processes.

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Discovery & Audit.

We know that technology has the power to shape the future of an organisation, so we begin every project by carrying out a detailed technical discovery of client systems to ensure we have a robust understanding of the entire network and infrastructure.

Then, we audit and analyse. Depending on the project, we could assess anything from cloud policies and processes to security permissions and access rights. Utilising all of the collected information, we are then prepared to move onto the next stage, our Gap Analysis and Risk Register.



GAP Analysis and Risk Register.

A GAP Analysis essentially determines the difference or ‘gap’ between your current and ideal state of business technology, and the Risk Register determines which gaps could negatively affect your performance.

Here, we are able to benchmark your existing technology against best practice, allowing us to make an informed decision about the systems required to bring your organisation up to date and performing at its best.



Defining the Road Map.

Utilising all of the information collected during the two previous stages, and in keeping with your business strategy, our technical team design your project road map.

We strive to build an ethos of transparency and accountability in all areas of our business. So, we work alongside you to define the goals, and outline how this will be achieved, on budget and on time.

We believe strong client relationships are of paramount importance to the success of any project. So, we keep up clear and regular communications throughout, as well as arranging for periodic follow-up meetings and calls.

Digital Transformation


Service Launch & User Engagement.

Prior to implementation, we rigorously test any new systems before we migrate live technology. We work alongside your team to ensure everything is running efficiently before we launch to your wider team.

At Stripe OLT, we believe user education is key to a successful launch, so we additionally train any required users, to ensure a smooth transition.

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Continuous Improvement.

We consider more than just technical needs – we take a people-centric approach, working in tandem with our clients to understand their people and plans. This means taking a strategic approach to all projects, and employing the method of continuous improvement.

Depending on your requirements, we also provide annual reviews, quarterly updates, monthly site visits and weekly calls, to guarantee your technology is optimised and business empowered.

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