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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

A security vulnerability assessment is the process of defining, identifying, classifying and prioritising vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures.

This type of security assessment will provide organisations with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk context to understand the threats to the business and how to mitigate the risks appropriately.

Vulnerability Assessment

Key benefits

Why should you undertake a vulnerability assessment?

Incident response

effective risk remediation

Any company that wants to understand their risk profile, both internally and externally will benefit from a vulnerability assessment. Many common attacks can be resolved through basic system security configuration, undertaking a vulnerability assessment will provide actionable information to correct any identified issues.

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Understand your immediate threats

Cyber attacks often not only results in the loss of your network, down time and disruption, but also significant reputational damage and data protection fines. That’s why understanding where your system vulnerabilities lie is so crucial.

Digital Transformation

Accredited Security Specialists

In addition to our Microsoft expertise, we are CREST, SANS and QCHQ certified and fully aligned with Government best practice security policies and procedures.


Defence professionals

With over 50% of our Security Operations Centre team comprising of ex-military personnel, we can say with confidence that our team are able to effectively identify your risks and support your mission to improve business security.

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Gain Complete visibility

Robust security goes beyond firewalls and passwords – when multiple users have access to valuable data, ensuring the right people have access to specific areas of your network is critical. As such, gaining complete visibility over your network with a vulnerability assessment is a necessity.

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A low-cost solution

Understandably, not all organisations have the resource to fund a full internal cyber team, so for those looking to manage their systems effectively, without the large expense, undertaking a vulnerability assessment is a great low cost solution.


Understanding the types of Vulnerability Assessment available.

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