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Cyber Essentials is a national, government-backed certification that helps organisations safeguard their systems and employees against the most common types of cyber attack.

By committing to the Cyber Essentials scheme, you can reduce your risk of a breach by at least 80%, ultimately allowing you and your team to work safely and keep your valuable business data secure.


Key benefits

Why should you get Cyber Essentials certified?

security education

Become Cyber Smart

Ensure your cyber security policies and processes are up to date by implementing smarter standardised security measures.

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protect your assets

In achieving this certification, you can gain insurance with Lloyds Bank, covering your business against cyber attacks.


Win Business

The Cyber Essentials scheme has become so well recognised, many businesses now require their suppliers and partners to have this accreditation before successfully awarding business.

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build a strong reputation

Gaining this basic security certification not only ensures the online security of your business, it demonstrates to your clients that you’re cyber smart and take system security seriously.

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Gain an affordable accreditation

Gain an affordable accreditation, recognised throughout the UK. Depending on the scheme you opt for, the Cyber Essentials certification cost starts at £300 + VAT.

who's it for?

Does this sound like your business?

Stripe - Icon - Incident Response and Management

Organisations that do not currently have the necessary procedures and controls in place to confidently protect their data and client information.


Those looking to improve their IT governance with Cyber Essentials, and verify their security posture with the experts.

Stripe - Icon - PCI Compliance

Those who need to tender for business and want an advantage against their competitors. If you’re applying for central government contracts, for example, you will need to be accredited.


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