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Coller Capital is one of the world’s leading investors in the secondary market for private assets – and widely acknowledged as an innovator at the complex end of secondaries.

Being a global business, with offices and employees all over the world, they wanted to find out if any of their digital assets were vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

The Need.

Coller capital understood the importance of independent security assessments but knew it’s almost impossible to ‘mark your own homework’. Naturally, this means it’s extremely difficult to find vulnerabilities in your own systems. As such, Coller Capital knew they needed the support of an external team.

The Solution.

Our experts conducted a professional web app penetration test, in the same way that an attacker would aim to break into Coller Capital’s systems, however our team did this in a sandbox environment, to ensure the business was unharmed and still operational.

This particular ethical hacking engagement was designed to assess the architecture, design and configuration of Coller Capital’s web applications.

We followed a five-step process to ensure no stone was unturned, this included:

Our Offensive Security Team carried out this work by applying known realistic attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s), used in real world sophisticated attacks and compromises, to all external facing digital assets.

These TTP’s were conducted to identify cyber security risks that could lead to unauthorised access and/or data exposure. Following which, we provided a thorough report, highlighting any vulnerabilities and attack vectors identified, with actionable recommendations to remediate any issues identified.

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"This assessment has been vital to our business. Not only were we taken through any potential risks, but we were also given thorough guidance on how to mitigate them, in a language we were able to understand. Being given this information has been invaluable in ensuring our data is protected."
Sandeep Grewal
Senior Cyber Security Manager

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