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Firewalls & Networking

Firewalls & Network infrastructure

Building a successful business requires a solid foundation; in today’s cloud-first environment, that means an agile and secure network infrastructure that won’t let you down when it counts.

Whether you require us to implement or optimise your IT infrastructure, our experts are exceptionally positioned to develop and install secure firewalls and a resilient network infrastructure, providing your business with faultless connectivity, secure connections and unparalleled performance.


Key benefits

Why should you modernise your network infrastructure?

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Remove legacy technology

The shift towards innovative cloud technologies means that the need for increased bandwidth requirements can no longer be supported by legacy network services such as ADSL. The implementation of our consistently reliable network infrastructure ensures instantaneous connection, thus modernising your IT infrastructure.

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improve wireless capabilities

Digital transformation and remote working has resulted in higher expectations around speed, reliability and consistent network access – which means robust and sophisticated technology is often required. At Stripe OLT, we utilise providers such as Cisco Meraki to provide cutting-edge wireless solutions.

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Utilise high-quality hardware

As the enabler of your connection to the digital world, highly robust cabling and wiring is vital. Our team of professionals will implement well-organised and high-performance physical components to ensure that your network access and connectivity is seamless and productivity is improved.

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Next-generation Network Firewall Security

Through installing, configuring and optimising leading network security services into your IT infrastructure, business protection is guaranteed. Utilising solutions such as Fortinet’s next-generation technology, results in deeper detection capabilities to empower security-first networking throughout your organisation, and mitigates the risk of network attacks.

who's it for?

Does this sound like your business?

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Our networking services are integral for any business that requires seamless IT performance, working at peak capacity, to meet the operational demands of the modern workforce.

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A well-planned IT infrastructure is required for any modern business that wants to achieve maximum productivity anywhere, on any device.

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Cloud connectivity is for any business that needs to replace outdated legacy systems in order to safeguard their systems and workforce.


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Our cloud services have the power to transform your entire business operation.

Whether you need to enhance collaboration with applications like SharePoint and Teams, or secure your environment with their EMS solution, our Microsoft-certified team will work alongside you to achieve your goals and drive business success.

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Knotel Case Study

Today’s modern workforce requires agility, and this is especially sought after in the workplace. Knotel’s adaptable workspaces are not only ergonomic and beautifully designed, they have been fitted out with cutting edge cloud technology, to ensure the wide-ranging needs of each customer is met.

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