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Bristol Airport: A Modern Workplace Solution


The Client.

Originally established in 1930, Bristol Airport has evolved into the major regional gateway for air connectivity in the South West of England, supporting commercial flights all over the world.

Like any successful business, Bristol Airport is looking to the future and building on its success in recent years – To do this, they know that organisation and planning is key. Behind the scenes, their operation and administration departments are controlling everything from security monitoring and data analysis to flight scheduling and luggage transportation, and to successfully ensure their departments run in tandem, 24/7, they need industry leading technology.

The Need.

Bristol Airport knew that efficiency could be improved; their existing communication technology was no longer sufficiently supporting their team and in order to improve productivity, they required a scalable solution to support their increasing demands. Bristol Airport ultimately wanted their technology to enable business growth and support communication. They knew Microsoft technology was going to be significant in achieving this, so decided to bring in the experts.

During the discovery of their systems, we found the following areas could be improved:


Users were frequently sending multiple different versions of the same file via e-mail, resulting in overwritten and duplicated documents.


Due to issues with VPN connections and slow file sharing, remote working became difficult, and ultimately resulted in wasted time and an increase in resourcing.

Bristol Airport has recently invested heavily in other areas of the technology and unfortunately meeting rooms were last on the agenda. With inadequately managed cables and wireless connections, they required a modern collaboration space for their workforce.


Finally, we found that managing the visibility of user devises and performing security updates could be made easier by utilising cutting edge Microsoft technology – As we often find with remote devices, they are not always connected to the office networks, so it can make them difficult to track and control.

Ultimately, we needed to provide a modern workplace solution that would free up resource, improve collaboration, and finally safeguard their devices.

The Solution.

By utilising Microsoft 365 technologies and help implement a modern workplace solution, we were able to simplify their internal processes and empower their workforce. So, how exactly did we do this?


In order to tackle their issues with file sharing, we introduced SharePoint online. Communicating via email is great if you need to send formal messages, however when it comes to sharing documents, it is inefficient when used internally; although the activities involved in managing documents, such as creating, renaming and filing are not particularly difficult or time consuming, they are undertaken by so many people, so many times a day that they risk being duplicated, overwritten and sent incorrectly.

SharePoint eliminates this problem by providing dynamic and productive team sites for every project team, department, and division. For Bristol Airport, the most beneficial feature of this application is the ability to share document links and collaborate live on files – which means no more duplicated or overwritten files.


Next, we introduced Microsoft Teams. For those who are not yet familiar with this application, it’s essentially a cloud-based messaging service that supports group chats, calls and web conferencing, and it’s not just available on desktop, it can be used to facilitate calls on mobile devices too.  In tandem with SharePoint, you can also access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time.

For Bristol Airport this means users can now walk straight into a meeting space and connect to their call instantly, and because this application provides immediate access to files, there’s no time wasted searching for presentation documents.

Modern Desktop

In today’s remote working world, device management and security are increasingly important, so safeguarding all user devices, whether in the office or at home was crucial for Bristol Airport. As such, we migrated them to a modern cloud-first desktop solution using Intune and autopilot for fast and effective device deployment.

We also utilised Advanced Threat Protection alongside Intune, to bring a risk-based approach to the discovery and prioritisation of any vulnerabilities. A combination of these applications ultimately improved remediation response times across their cloud environment. For Bristol Airport, this now means they can track, monitor and wipe devices remotely if needed – Which is essential for a remote workforce that can be anywhere in the world and require access to the full document estate in SharePoint.

Simon Darley, IT Operations Manager at Bristol Airport, said:

“We needed to find solutions to a variety of issues whilst being a complex business, operating in a 24/7 environment.  Stripe OLT listened and understood immediately the challenges we faced, they recommended and introduced the improvements which immediately improved business efficiency.  The project was delivered without any operational down-time negatively impacting the business in what is a fast-moving industry.”

Bristol Airport are evolving at lightning speed – With distributed teams, changing business models and complex security requirements, Microsoft’s digital tools have been able to support their employees with a modern workplace, whilst simultaneously enable their growth plans.

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Stripe OLT listened and understood immediately the challenges we faced, they recommended and introduced the improvements which immediately improved business efficiency.

Simon Darley, Bristol Airport

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