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Medium UK: Wi-Fi & Connectivity


Stripe OLT solves wireless problem for Medium UK with Cisco Meraki

The challenge

The Wi-Fi at leading AV distributor Medium UK wasn’t good enough to support their needs – and one day failed completely. We worked with our partner Cisco Meraki to put in a cutting edge wireless system that gave Medium far better performance as well as enhanced management tools.

What the client said

“We were facing a real problem” explains Peter Dosanjh, Director at Medium UK. “Our wireless network is essential to our business, and one Friday the router failed and the network went down completely, leaving us with no wireless connectivity at all.”

Medium (UK) is a leading distributor of AV solutions and services in the UK, and was awarded the 2014 AV Distributor of the Year. It’s a fast-growing business which relies on its IT infrastructure: on a normal day, up to 10 people use the wireless network, but when their remote teams come in to the office, this can be as high as 15 simultaneous users. These high-traffic requirements tended to cause bandwidth problems with their existing system, which also had trouble providing coverage throughout all of the office areas and meeting rooms.

Reaching corners other wireless cannot reach

“Our first port of call is always Stripe OLT – they know our business inside out and we trust them to make the right recommendations for us,” says Peter. “They recommended installing two new Cisco Meraki devices to improve coverage and provide redundancy. Not only that, but they lent us their own demo device to get up and running quickly, as there was no stock available in the UK with any of the usual suppliers. It was installed swiftly the following Monday, and even with just one Cisco Meraki device, we instantly got far better performance than with our old system – even in the furthest corners of the office that the old router couldn’t reach.”

Once stock was available, Stripe OLT installed both devices to take advantage of the Cisco Meraki connectivity system’s ability to share bandwidth across both devices, providing better and consistent performance for all users, and to ensure 99.99% reliability for the new wireless system.

“The Cisco Meraki system is a bit more expensive in the short-term,” explains Tom Robbins, Technical Account Manager at Stripe OLT. “But it more than makes up for the cost in speed, reliability and security. We knew it was the perfect solution for Medium UK, and we’re really pleased they’re getting such good performance from it.”

Our first port of call is always Stripe OLT – They know our business inside out, and we trust them to make the right recommendations for us.

Peter Dosanjh - Medium UK, Director

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