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Meet The Team: Matt Plucknett, Senior Cloud Engineer


Our team member in the Spotlight this month is the one and only… Matt Plucknett – our Senior Cloud Engineer and secret chef! Read on to find out more…

Hi Matt! So, tell me a little about your background and what led you to Stripe.

Well, before starting at Stripe, I was a Cloud Solutions Architect in charge of cloud delivery of another business, where I provided technical pre-sales support, digital transformation consultancy, as well as acting as an escalation point for the support desk. In my job prior to that, I headed up the Centralised Services Department; the daily tasks here were very much NOC (Network Operations Centre) focused so taking ownership of common tasks to ensure they were being delivered was my main priority. I was also responsible for maintaining the ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations, something I know we’re looking to achieve here!

Wow, that sounds like you had a lot on your plate! So why Stripe?

One of the first things that really stood out for me was the workplace culture. Everyone is genuinely supportive of each other and work really well as a team. This was apparent when reviewing some of the projects that the team had delivered before I joined – it was obvious that there was clear passion, structure, and knowledge poured into them. This was confirmed when I started working here – I love being part of a team where you can tell that the company really values it’s employees!

Totally! So, can you tell me what your average day to day at Stripe looks like?

Like most engineers – It’s very varied! Typically, the first part of the morning is dedicated to researching any emerging cyber security threats and incidents, which is then used to build out our products and processes to mitigate these risks as much as possible. The rest of the day is split between internal projects, customer projects, and general support works.

Cyber Security is definitely a hot topic at the moment… We could talk about this all day! But let’s move on to find out more about you. Do you have any personal achievements or hidden talents you’d like to share?

Hmm… that’s a difficult one. I’d have to say that cooking is one of one of my hidden talents. I actually used to work in a kitchen after finishing a day in my previous office! Fun fact – Jane Cox from Emmerdale made an appearance occasionally!

Ah, a resident foodie… So apart from cooking, any other hobbies?

I have a really bad habit of starting hobbies but never following through with them. My house is filled with forgotten hobby relics from calligraphy sets to weight benches to instruments! I love music, reading, and gaming so if I’ve not kicked the Mrs out of the living room to get on the PS4 I’m usually found in a corner of the room with headphones on or nose in a book.

A varied life in and out of the workplace then! Okay, last question… What does a typical Friday night look like for you?

Very busy! The fiancée and I have taken up archery as our latest hobby (although she’s much better at it than I am!). We’re also in the midst of planning our wedding, so we’re finalising the table and venue decorations at the moment, and on top of this I’m currently studying for my Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert exams and preparing for the CISSP certification!

Not quite your standard Friday night then… Well, we’ve enjoyed learning more about you Matt and best of luck for your wedding, we look forward to seeing the pictures!

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