(VIDEO) How customer feedback is helping us maintain excellent customer service


We’re committed to giving our customers the best possible service, which is why we’ve integrated SmileBack into all service interactions. We want our customers to have the opportunity to tell us what they think of us so we can take appropriate action and continue to drive the best possible service for our clients.


At Stripe OLT we always prioritise the service we provide. We wanted a way to make it easier to provide feedback on us. This makes sure that we are giving excellent customer service.

Stripe OLT is a technology company. We focus on creating a partnership with our clients. We support growing businesses to make sure they have the right technology now and for the future.

SmileBack is a measure of our customer service. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and SmileBack is a visual representation of how we deliver that.

We integrated the SmileBack process into all service interactions. This means that a client can leave feedback on their experiences. If a client leaves a neutral or negative review, then the account managers and I get notified instantly. What I’ll then do is reach out to the client, work out what the issue is and try to fix it.

We are very proud of our customer service statistics as they are well above industry standard and with SmileBack integration it makes is easy to be transparent and publish on our website and social channels.

If Stripe OLT didn’t have SmileBack we would still give the same excellent customer service – we just wouldn’t have the stats to back it up.

We know we provide a great service but we’re now giving our clients the opportunity to tell us. This has created some friendly competition in the office amongst the engineers and has given us a real morale boost.

Our engineering team understands the value to clients and our business of being measured on what we do, and how well we do it. They actively ask for feedback on their work and they take it seriously.

We are more than a provider of IT services. We are an IT partner – we partner with our clients to help them grow their businesses through the best technology and IT solutions. Our extensive experience means that we understand the challenges that our clients are facing – we know how to help our clients achieve their business goals through the best technology and IT systems. Everything from cloud computing and cyber security, to telephony and video conferencing – we’ve got your back.

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