FREE: Skype for Business interop with your existing meeting room conferencing systems


It’s a familiar scenario – you’ve invested in video conferencing room systems and telepresence, but your people are increasingly just using Skype for Business instead. When you ask them why, they complain about the difficulties of getting conferences up and running: “It should just work!” they say.

We see this a lot, so we’re very pleased with our latest partnership with conferencing provider Starleaf. Their product Starleaf Medley is a new, FREE, unique service to join Skype for Business meetings from your existing Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Avaya and other standard conferencing services.

It’s really simple to use:

Organise your meeting through Skype for Business / Outlook.
Invite “” as an attendee – or forward the invitation to that email address.
You will receive an email by return with an address which you can use to connect into the Skype for Business call from any video conferencing terminal.
We think this is a great advance in bridging the gap between your existing conferencing facilities and Skype for Business, bringing you all the convenience of Skype for Business’ peerless integration with Outlook and Office 365, while still getting the benefit of your high quality video conferencing systems.

If you want further information about Starleaf Medley or Starleaf’s other video conferencing products, Starleaf is running a webinar on April 13th, or you can find out further information on Starleaf Medley here.

For further information on Starleaf Medley, Cloud Video Conferencing and Skype for Business, please contact us at Stripe OLT for a chat or to arrange a demo – 020 7043 7044/0117 974 5179 or

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